Saturday, 26 September 2009

Andrea in the wrong?

There's been a huge uproar with Loose Women fans after an incident on Monday's show (21/9/09). During a rather heavy discussion about drugs between Andrea, Lisa, Lynda and Carol, it has been suggested that the show's anchor, Andrea McLean, stepped over the line.

I think this is a load of rubbish. The debate about what should be done with drug users was beginning to get out of hand - everybody was overlapping each other with their views and just as Lynda was away to speak, Andrea replied, "Lynda, hang on, no wait, Lynda, wait, wait!". Now this was simply because Lisa had just made a point regarding the police, and Andrea was trying to explain the bottom line of the situation before more points and opinions got tossed about and it became too much to handle. I think the way Lynda turned to the audience was simply her saying "well that's me told!", however viewers have picked this up as Lynda being hurt by Andrea.

Andrea in no way intended to hurt Lynda. She has also said that she apologised to Lynda during the break. Yet, many viewers still seem to be complaining about Andrea. Many hateful things have been said about her, claiming that she is a terrible presenter and that Jackie Brambles should come back.

I would like to highlight one main fact here - Andrea is a wonderful presenter. If she were not good at her job, she would have been axed from Loose Women a long time ago. With a degree under her belt and a line of successful jobs, Andrea is clearly a hard worker and is very talented. Not only is she a wonderful presenter but has a great personality, a truly amazing person, and by no means should she have to suffer from hateful digs by jealous viewers.

It's time for people to drop the issues they have with last Monday's show and get on with their lives instead of wasting time complaining about Andrea. They're spoiling the show for others and could potentially ruin Andrea's career. She is simply wonderful and deserves none of it.


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