Friday, 7 August 2009

Good luck, Jackie!


A mere two weeks ago Jackie Brambles announced to the nation that she is stepping down as a Loose Women anchor after a three year reign on the lunchtime show. The news came as such a shock to everybody. The weeks leading up to her final show passed by much more quickly that many had hoped, and finally it was time for Jackie to say her final words on the show. She was sent off with a delightful performance from Jane McDonald, with lots of love and praise all around.

On a personal note, Jackie has played a big part in my life for the past two years and has helped me in so many ways. I cannot be more thankful for what she has done and I am incredibly sad to see her leave the show. However I wish her all the best with what she goes on to doing next - I'm sure there are plenty more doors opening for her.

All the best Jackie, you've been fantastic!

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