Sunday, 26 July 2009

Interview with Adam Croasdell


In May 2009, EastEnders landed themselves a new doctor, Dr Al Jenkins, in the form of TV heart throb Adam Croasdell. Already, Dr Jenkins has been rushed off his feet, having to deal with a pregnant and distressed Heather Trott, and capturing the attention of the women on the Square, as well as finding himself briefly caught up in the tangled relationship that is Tanya and Max. But luckily for me, Croasdell managed to find time in his hectic schedule to pleasure me with an interview. And with that, we enter the world of of an EastEnder...

From what age did you know you wanted to become an actor?
I think I must have been around 7 or 8. I'd wanted to be an astronaut, but because maths wasn't my favorite subject, a little heartsore, I let the idea go. Later, with a great amount of joy, I realised that I could still be an astronaut, as an actor.

Before you joined the cast, did you watch EastEnders?
No. Of course, I knew what a phenomenon the show was, but I hadn't watched much of it at all.

When you first went to audition for the role of Dr Jenkins, did you think it went well?
The day I auditioned didn't start well. I arrived at the Elstree train station suited and booted and ready for my meeting. Unfortunately, I only had Zones 1-3 on my Travelcard, and realised too late that I was in Zone 6. The station assistant spot-fined me 20 even though I tried to explain it was an honest mistake. When I finally got out into the carpark outside I loudly proclaimed to anyone who'd listen, "I will never come to Elstree AGAIN!" Needless to say it's a little cringeworthy going past that station attendant every day on my way into work now...
So I guess - sort of astoundingly- the audition after that didn't go badly.

Gosh, what a stressful way to go to an audition! Well, clearly it didn't affect the audition - how did you react when you found out you got the part?
Deep, deep joy.

Who do you have a strong rapport with among the cast?
All of the Masood Family - they're all brilliant, Neil McDermott, Nina Toussaint White, Charlie Clements, Rita Simmons, Sam Janus, Scott Maslen, Sid Owen, Charlie Brooks, Cheryl Fergison and Linda Henry.

It sounds like a close-knit cast! Are there any characters, past or present, who you admire?
June Brown's ace.

If you could play any other character on the show, who would you choose?
Syed. Marc Elliot and I often joke about switching roles, because so many people used to mix us up when we first arrived.

Now you mention it, I can see a similarity! Are there any storylines you'd like Dr Jenkins to be involved with? Any hopes for his character?
At the moment, I'd really just like to get my teeth into any juicy bit of storytelling. Something meaty (in a vegetarian kind of way).

Are you often recognised out in the street?
Yup. It's happening a lot now. I find it kind of funny each time it happens.

Do you think you could be a proper doctor?
I am a proper doctor... Ha.

What have been your highlights from working on EastEnders so far?
Getting to meet and know the cast and crew a bit. Also meeting members of the public on the street who really love the show. I like it when that happens because it seems to give them a break from reality for a bit, and in this recession, that can only be a good thing.

It definitely sounds like Albert Square is the perfect place for Dr Jenkins! I can only hope we see a lot more of you on our screens, as I am sure everybody will agree you make a delightful Doctor. It's been a real pleasure, thanks!

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