Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Loose Women - ITVs Finest Makeover


When i first fell in love with Loose Women back in 2007, the whole idea behind the show was new to me. Luckily I had two years to adapt to the delicious blue set and main panellists. The colour scheme was wonderful, and everything of mine became blue to match. I even had my own mug made with my name on it to match. As for the panellists, well they were perfect. I could not have imagined a more perfect line up than what we were given day to day. Jackie and Andrea were the two most superb anchors imaginable, and everything was perfect.

And then Jackie announced she was leaving.

When I first heard this news, I was devastated. She is such an inspiration and unknowingly plays quite a big role in my life and future career. Although it had taken me a little while longer to warm to her compared to Andrea, she was still part of what made up the wonders of Loose Women, and I simply couldn't believe she was leaving. However when the news leaked that Kate Thornton was to be replacing her as anchor, my spirits did lift a little. I have always adored Kate, and couldn't wait to see her in the leading chair.

After Jackie's send off at the beginning of August, I did cry. Its only natural - my soft nature took over and I grieved with the end of an Era. I did have a suspicion that the Loose Women set would be given a make over, what with its new anchor and a few 'new' faces on the panel, but what I wasn't sure.

After what seemed like an eternity, Loose Women was finally back on our screens early September and the new design was revealed to us. As I had hoped, it captured a main pink colour. At first I thought this was too dark, but after a while I found it quite appealing and have actually concluded that it is a lot more welcoming that the more metallic previous shades. The mugs especially are quite attractive, and I shall be having my own one made as soon as!

Since the previous series, Lisa Maxwell had also joined the ladies full time, and for me this was wonderful news. She is so adorable, and is exceptionally comic too. Although Coleen had been away for a while, Lisa was perfect for stepping into her seat for the time and is certainly welcomed back as often as possible! It was also announced that Rachel Agnew would be back, and so far this has not happened yet, but when it does I will be thrilled. I had been worried that some dire snob would win the Make Me A loose Woman competition in the previous series, but thankfully we were given a woman worth her weight in gold - Rachel is so natural, so amazing - nobody else could have filled her winning shoes.

I had hoped that Kate would be on the show in the first week, but sadly we had to wait until near the end of week two before we could see her in action. Finally this came, and I was simply delighted with how things turned out. Kate is a natural on Loose Women, a wonderful presenter and a fantastic anchor. She actually reminds me of a cross between Jackie and Andrea, though has her own style too. She's an incredible woman and although I am upset with Jackie's departure, I feel no finer presenter could have taken over.

The new Loose Women set is gorgeous, and the panellists are amazing, but there is one thing that worries me. Over the past few months there has been rumours that all sorts of personalities are to be joining the panel: Victoria Beckham, Katie Price. If that wasn't bad enough, it does seem that there are a lot more panellists joining the show, which means we never get to warm to them as much as we would if it stuck to just eight like the previous series'. I do fear that it will go down the same route as it did with 'Loose @ 5:30' and start losing viewers. Hopefully though this will not be the case!

Having just won its third award in a row at the TV Quick and TV Choice Awards, it would seem that Loose Women is still going strong, and providing there are no changes too dramatical, I am certain it will stay this way. For me, it is my life and the centre point to my future career. It means the world to me, as do its panellists. If you ever get to see it live, I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity as it is simply fantastic (although the studio is slightly chilly!). Who knows, maybe one day my dream will come true and it will be me sitting in the leading chair, attempting to keep the ladies under control! Until then though, I shall enjoy the show as it is. Loose Women - television wouldn't be the same without it!

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