Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sherrie Hewson - a Loose Women Phenomenon!


It's been nearly a decade since Loose Women first hit our screens in September 1999, and since then it has gone on to become an award winning phenomenon. The show wouldn't be the success that it is today if it weren't for its wonderful panel of loose ladies. Among them is actress Sherrie Hewson. Admired for her roles in television shows such as 'Coronation Street' and 'Emmerdale', Sherrie has also become a much loved member of Loose Women since joining the panel in 2003.

Nothing can stop Sherrie from letting her hair down and having fun, especially whilst on Loose Women! Whether she's bursting into song and singing 'Little Donkey', or falling off her chair while attempting a dance routine, she's always smiling and entertaining the nation. For many, being this flamboyant on live television would be a huge embarrassment to them, but Sherrie describes her antics as "fun", and thankfully this comes across on camera to the viewers too.

Alongside Coleen Nolan and Carol McGiffin, Sherrie is one of the longest-running panellists on the show, having appeared on the programme for six years now. However Sherrie never considered still being on the show this far on, and has claimed that she "didn't think that far ahead". She's taken each day as it comes, each time with a new burst of enthusiasm and energy for the show!

Sherrie has sat alongside many guests on Loose Women, chatting to a variety of personalities from all walks of life. When questioned about who she felt were her favourite celebrities to have made an appearance on the show, she stated that there have been "too many to mention". A lot of the guests have come on the show and shared their personal, and often shocking, stories with the nation and this too is something that the panel have to participate in. A true Loose Women, Sherrie has opened up many areas of her own past, and has stated that its not something she regrets doing.

There's always laughter on the panel, showing the strong relationship between the ladies. Sherrie feels she has the strongest rapport with Carol, but it is clear that she gets along with the rest of the women wonderfully too. Sherrie considers her highlights from the show to be "the rapport and fun with the girls and the camaraderie". The witty excitement between the laides definitely comes across to viewers at home too.

Sherrie is an asset to Loose Women, and we can only hope that she remains on the panel forever! She admits that she can definitely see the rapidly-growing Loose Women fanbase continuing to expand, and hopes that show show will "reach as many people as possible". The show wouldn't be the same without Sherrie's cheery smile and positive attitude, and long may she reign!

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