Thursday, 23 July 2009

Upfront and Personal - Coleen Nolan


British singer and television presenter Coleen Nolan released her autobiography, Upfront and Personal, in April of this year, following its launch with a promotional tour around the country. To date, the 44 year old star has sold over 54, 000 copies, and I am just one of the many to purchase. As soon as I began to read the first page, I knew there was no going back. From the very beginning, I was hooked...

'Upfront and Personal' takes us through Coleen's life from when she was just a tiny baby, with a drawer for a cot, right to the present day where she shares her world with her much loved family: Ray, the boys, and Ciara. Across the 360 pages that make up the book we are invited into Coleen's memories as we travel back to the beginning of The Nolan Sisters (later to be renamed as The Nolans), exploring the depths of their musical career. Coleen releases her emotions when she tells us about her abortion, and then there is her marriage to Shane Richie, with which we are taken on a rollercoaster ride. We see her career falling and rising, she shares with us her family troubles and the tough times they had to face together. And of course, we are able to read about her relationship with Ray, who she married towards the end of 2007.

There is so much information in this one book, and it's mixed through with such strong emotions. At times I struggled to get my head around the fact that this one woman has had to cope with so much yet she always pulls out strong in the end. I learned a lot about Coleen, a lot of things I thought I already knew but in fact discovered so much more depth to it. It also gives clear explanations and truths to the lies and stories the press seem to find room to twist.

I adore the detail Coleen has included in the final few chapters about the presenting industry. For me, this is always going to be useful, and it has opened my eyes further to the career I some day in the near future hope to succeed in. A lot of emotion was also brought out of me, as Coleen talks deeply about many painful events. Just reading about her times of heart ache drew many a tear to my eye. There were some beautifully weepy parts too, such as her 40th birthday and her wedding day with Ray. When she talks of her mother's Alzheimer's, it is so wonderfully written that it is enough to break even the toughest of people.

I could not recommend a more fulfilling autobiography than 'Upfront and Personal'. It is full of families and careers, love and lust, honesty and secrecy and everything in between. I've never read such levels of emotion and cannot believe the strength in the book. There's no surprise that it a number one best seller. Join Coleen as she takes you through the highs and lows of her life in an enjoyably emotional read. It's magical.

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