Sunday, 1 November 2009

Remember, Remember...

Gosh, it just occurred to me that I hadn't blogged throughout the whole of October. I feel so guilty!

When I first started this blogging business, I promised myself to commit fully. Though its a lot harder than it looks, as I soon found out. What are you supposed to publish? Who is actually going to read it? How often do you write? So many unanswered questions. Yet, despite the unknown, there's something thrilling about writing a blog. Its probably one of the only chances in live you'll get to 'voice' your opinion without anybody being able to answer back or interrupt. A one-woman debate, arguing back and forth with myself as I try and come to a conclusion over a meaningless discussion. And then of course there's the day dreaming and random waffling as you make your way through the afternoon. A cup of tea, a clear mind, and a working keyboard. With those you are fully equipped to write your blog (despite the fact that my keyboard is falling apart and missing several buttons!).

Its been quite a hectic few weeks, which makes a nice change. I finally said goodbye to school after a successful interview with college. As of this month I will be studying Radio at HNC level, something I am looking forward to incredibly. My aspiration in that side of my life is of course Jackie Brambles. I've been able to listen to a few of her radio shows and I must say, she is very good! I'm hoping to volunteer at the Hospital Radio too, but I've not heard anything back as of yet.

Of course, my heart lies with TV Presenting still. Always has, always will. With my UCAS application going away later this month, I really need to sort out my decisions for University. I think I've made up my mind though - I'm hoping to study Television Journalism at Middlesex University. The course sounds amazing, its close to the heart of London, and the Halls don't look too shabby either! Though failing that, my backup plan consists of Leeds Uni, Coventry Uni, Thames Valley Uni and Robert Gordons least one of them must want me!

I'll have something else to add to my Personal Statement and CV as of next week...yes, there's only ten days until the Fashion Show! The last one, in aid of the Cyrenians, was a bit of a drag. We were using fair trade clothes as we combined the event with fair trade fortnight, and I must say - I wouldn't be caught dead in most of those clothes! Fortunately though this one is stepping up in class. We're hosting a Prom Dress fashion show, with suits and kilts too. And lucky me, I get to present the event! I'm so exciting, and so far the nerves have yet to kick in. If it's anything like last time, I will get to about ten minutes before I'm due on stage and totally freak out for that ten minutes, then stand on stage and all the nerves will flush away, smothered by a river of excitement. There's something so uplifting about being on a stage, microphone in hand. It's sensational!

I've never been the most confident of people when in public, but put me on stage and it's a whole other story. I have big dreams for my career, many of which are likely to remain just that. My biggest goal is to anchor Loose Women. Something I have wanted to do for two years, and will not stop wishing for until it becomes reality. Then there's 'Ghost Talk', a show that Amy and I are in the process of putting together. Think of it as the next generation of Most Haunted! I'd like to present some sort of programme that teaches children about History, opening their eyes to different eras: The Victorians, Ancient Egyptians, World War Two. An educational and entertaining programme for children around the age of seven - perfect! I'd love my own television show too, 'Amy's World' - a tea time show similar to 'The Paul O' Grady Show' and 'Davina'.

One of my biggest dreams, and probably the most unrealistic, is 'The McLean Show' - a show where Andrea and I present side by side, with a similar format to 'Amy's World', or perhaps traveling around the world (or on a lower budget, the UK) and exploring various destinations and landmarks. Many will know by now that Andrea McLean is indeed the woman at the heart of my career. During the lowest point in my life when I felt all was at loss, she somehow managed to restore my faith in everything, and forcing my passion for Presenting to take over and bring my happiness back to the surface. I owe everything to her, and when my career peaks, it will all be down to her and I will make sure she knows it!

Another thing I'd love to present one day is Children in Need. Every year I love watching it, and would give anything to experience that buzz as all the money comes rolling in to the charity, and you just know you are helping a good cause. Meeting those children that are overjoyed with simply being on TV and gaining new experiences from the money donated. Unfortunately, with so much going on towards the end of the year, I haven't had time to organize any fund raising events myself for Children in Need, but I shall be donating money, and I've bought my t-shirt, ears and teddy bear, so that's a little bit of extra money for them too!

With Christmas just around the corner - 54 days to be exact - I find myself already getting into the festive spirit. I'm beginning to play 'Last Christmas' by Billie Piper constantly, and I find myself singing various traditional Christmas carols whilst going about cleaning the house. I'm going away for the holidays this year, down to my Mam's, so it is going to be quite a change from the last few years which I spent pretty much on my own! I've done about half of my Christmas shopping too, so I'm well on the way to a peaceful December 25th!

With a busy week ahead of me, it doesn't look like I'm going to have time to sit down much, so until next time, I bid you goodbye!

Amy x

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