Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Coleen Nolan - 'Let's Get Physical' (review)

Coleen Nolan has been one of key people in my life for nearly three years, and coinciding with my love for fitness comes my passion for Coleen's workout DVDs. Her first was a success, and her second was even greater. So when I heard she was releasing a third, to say I was ecstatic would be an understatement. The first DVD was very much a cardio workout, and the second was a bit more of a dance routine. I did wonder what 'Let's Get Physical' was going to be, and it turned out to be a complete dance workout. 80s style.

The first thing that will draw you to the DVD is of course the cover. A lot of effort has gone into this, with the colours in bright neon pinks and purples. Then as you would expect, you have a picture of Coleen, as if stuck onto the front. She's dressed in a bright pink leotard with purple leggings and a belt around the waist - very 80s! The smile on her face lights up the whole DVD, a smile that Coleen takes with her everywhere. In a little bubble at the side it says '4 x 20 minute workouts'. This got me thinking; usually exercise DVDs are an hour long and although broken into sections, they connect to one another. Though this one claimed to be four separate routines, taking the length to 80 minutes rather than 60. I was desperate to explore.

Putting the DVD on, I entered the first of four routines. This turned out to be quite energetic, but not overly so that by the end you're sweating. Twenty minutes later and I'd completed a combination of steps, turns and bops. Feeling motivated I carried straight on with the second, which turned out to be twice as lively and introduced box steps and grapevines among others. By the end of that twenty minutes I was beginning to tire a little and went to pause the DVD to get a glass of water. I was quite surprised to find that the DVD would not pause! That is very rare - usually fitness DVDs will allow you to pause the workout so you can grab a drink or take a breather, but not this one. Although I didn't get my glass of water, I wasn't too bothered. Had I paused the workout I may have taken a longer break than needed, but instead I just powered on with the routines.

Entering the third section I found things began to slow down a little. While we were still on our feet for most of it, various stretches were introduced to begin to cool us down. And by the fourth and final twenty minute slot we were cooling down with lunges, push ups and holding onto invisible ropes. Each of the twenty minutes has a warm-up, work out and cool down, though nothing is 'sign posted'. Unlike most, we are not told that we are doing the warm up etc, it all just flows together. And then each section connects together with the first acting as a warm up, the second two as the cardio and aerobic routines, and the final the extended cool down. What I especially like about the fact that it is four lots of twenty is that you do not feel you are doing a longer workout, yet you're increasing the general time by twenty minutes.

Better yet, our trainer does not irritate me! Quite often with fitness DVDs you can see little of the celebrity, with the focus on the obnoxious instructor. Though Deanne Berry (GMTV) was lovely. She laughed and sprung around merrily, with the occasional whoop and screech. Plus, much to Coleen's delight, we have three males at the back complete with toned abs who are there to assist. Needless to say, our flirtatious Coleen had fun with them.

Once you've completed the workout and you're brimming with achievement, you can watch the 'extras'. The first is a Behind-the-Scenes which shows us a little of Coleen's training and the preparations for shooting. The thing I like about this is the fact that since Coleen has already got two other DVDs, it's not your typcical "she weighed this before hand and was so unfit" and "now she's super skinny and energetic". It focuses more on the making of the workout DVD, which to be honest is more interesting. Then you have 'In the Studio', which shows Coleen recording her version of 'Physical'. Now throughout the DVD, both in the workout and on the menus, you'll appropriately hear 'Physical'. I was unaware of this until I watched the extras, but the vocals are actually Coleen's! It just highlights her singing for the strength that it is, and also makes this all the more unique - how many celebrities (Debra Stephenson aside) can say they sing the soundtrack to their workouts?

Not only do we have Coleen's song to move to, but there is also a great range of wonderful and lively 80s tracks from artists such as Dead or Alive, Bananarama and Blondie. Coleen tells us that the idea behind the DVD for her was that it took her back to the time when she was singing with her sisters. Though of course this is not just aimed at those who grew up in and around the 80s. I'm a 90s child and love all the songs that are on here, which makes it more interesting - some DVDs use music that is unknown and it is almost impossible to connect with it.

At around £12 from most good stores, this is a bargain of a DVD. You're likely to pay around that much for a single session at the gym. Why bother when you can work out in the comfort of your own home alongside the lovely Coleen Nolan? It is one you can do and enjoy again and again, and not only are you getting a good workout but you'll laugh too - that's something you'll never be short of when Coleen is around! It is incredibly unique; I've never come across a DVD where so much thought has gone into it, so much detail and individuality. A brilliant fitness DVD without a single flaw, 'Let's Get Physical' is one to get you moving!

Amy x


  1. I wouldn't Mind Getting Physical With You

  2. Shouldn't be wearing those sexy sexy sexy Lycra legging and leotard on the cover and not in the actual workout part!! Soo gutted