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Jane McDonald - Jane McDonald (review)

From the moment I discovered the wonders of 'Loose Women', I fell in love with Jane McDonald's voice. I bought a range of her latest albums, but had yet to listen to some of her older materiel. Though after too long, I've finally bought a few of Jane's more dated albums, one of which is titled simply 'Jane McDonald'.

The cover to this album, first of all, is quite attractive. Jane is sitting on the floor against a gorgeous purple seascape. Her name is written in a luscious purple shade, with a few of the tracks listen below. It's a very basic cover perhaps, but it is still going to capture your attention and looks wonderful. Jane's hair is a bit 'different', but she still looks wonderful!

The CD Itself is home to fourteen tracks. Giving the album a scan, I realized that I had heard of over half of them, but not once had I heard Jane's versions. Excited about unlocking the wonders of the music, I decided to listen there and then. The first track we are faced with on this 1998 album is 'One Moment In Time'. Originally sung by Whitney Houston, this is one of my favourite songs. Often artists can kill a song when producing a cover, but I had every faith that Jane would deliver. And thankfully, she did just that. There is so much power in Jane's voice, it's incredible. And I might just happen to prefer her version of the song to Houston's now!

Next we com to 'The Twelfth of Never', a song that I had not actually heard before. I didn't know what to expect from it, but I turned out to be thrilled. It's not an overly lively track but it has a good rhythm to it that is quite catchy - you'll surely be singing along in no time. It is definitely a wonderful track and one that I am sure to listen to over and over again.

The third track on the album is 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose', again anothr track I wasn't aware of. This one is the most lively at this point, and certainly awakens you. The lyrics are not overly clear, but this is not too important as it is not one that you're likely to adopt to sing. It's a splendid track and one of my favourites!

'You're My World' is our first track, and I was shocked at just how beautifully it was sung. It's quite a slow and melodic song, and as Jane sings you can picture her in your head swaying as she does so, you can hear the emotion in her voice. It's so beautiful and gentle, it's incredible. I'm surprised this has not become one of her better known songs.

The next track is probably one of the more known songs. 'How Do I Live' was originally sung by LeAnn rhymes, and I do adore her version, but I had a feeling Jane was going to allow me to love it in a different way. Thankfully, she did just that. Jane has complete control of the vocals here, the strength in her voice is incredible. I must admit, I prefer Jane's version now - she's taken the song to a whole new leave.

'You Make Me Feel (like a natural woman) is our sixth track, and with the greatness of the album so far, I expected this one to be just as wonderful. Thankfully, it was more than that! The song has quite a steady rhythm to it with a strong beat, and I find that it fits Jane's voice perfectly. It's very gentle and loving, and while I have heard some monotonous covers, Jane's version is simply incredible.

Our seventh track is one that has been circling since the 80s. 'Wind Beneath My Wings' has always been a beautiful track, but when Jane sings it, it is phenomenal. She gives the melody a deeper meaning, and allows the music to sit in the air around you lovingly. I've never been in love with this song until now - Jane has opened my eyes to just how wonderful it is.

Halfway through the album now and everything is perfect. Track eight is one that I have loved for many years. 'Downtown' was originally sung by Petunia Clark, and I had yet to hear Jane's version. I found it to be just as upbeat as the original, and the vocals fitted in perfectly with the rhythm. Jane's version is slightly more choppy, but it works and still sounds brilliant.

Our ninth track is another that I hadn't heard of before so I was relying on Jane to give me a great first impression on the song. It turned out to be quite a slow song, very soft and considerate. It suits Jane's voice wonderfully and creates such a phenomenal atmosphere. I simply cannot believe it has taken me this long to come across this one.

'When I Fall In Love' is quite a peculiar song. It's quite upbeat yet is very soft and gentle at the same time - a combination that never fails to amuse me. It's a song that I knew of slightly but had never fully explored it. The vocals are flawless, and incredibly powerful too. Jane has certainly opened my eyes to this one.

Track eleven is 'I'll Never Love This Way Again', which I had actually heard Jane sing before. It has always been one of my favourite Jane songs, yet I find I listen to it very occasionally. It suits my own voice too, which I find is quite general for Jane's songs, so it is without a doubt going to be come one of my most played tracks very quickly.

Next we are faced with 'Some You Win Some You Lose'. This is another gentle track that gives the air around you such a fantastic softening and relaxing vibe. Although it is not the most powerful of Jane's songs, it is just as memorable and has an amazing rhythm to it. I love singing it too, and it is an all-round amazing song.

The next track is one I've had a stressful relationship with. Whenever you log into Jane's official website music plays in the background. While I love this, 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' always plays. Jane sang the song at her concert when I went to see her earlier in the year. Yet, I did not own this song on any of my Jane albums. So I was more than over overjoyed when I discovered it was on here. It's quite a lively song, and the vocals are incredible. Jane has strength, passion and control with this song, and it is without a doubt a favourite of mine.

Last but not least, we come to the final track - "I Will Always Love You". This is a song that seems to be heard all the time, whether it is a professional singer releasing a cover, or a talentless idiot killing the song during an audition on one of Simon Cowell's many TV shows. But thankfully, Jane's version is incredible. The vocals are so strong. At the beginning she sings it acapella, and my entire TV started vibrating because of the power in her vocals. The melody is wonderful and this definitely suits her voice. It's without a doubt the perfect song to end this amazing album with.

This is one of the most flawless albums imaginable. Better still, it has an incredible price tag. For all fourteen songs in an attractive case, you should expect to pay no more than £5 for a copy brand new. It's available from places such as eBay and, and you'll find it occasionally in high street stores too. It is most certainly one to look out for. If you are already a fan of Jane McDonald then you simply must buy this. However if you have not heard Jane's voice before then this is a perfect album to start with. You'll fall in love instantly and I promise you, you'll never look back! This may have been Jane's first album, but it thankfully was not her last! It's phenomenal - incredibly powerful and controlled with a great mix of amazing tracks.

Amy x

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