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Westlife - Where We Are review

I've always liked Westlife, though I have never actually gone out and bought one of their albums. And with the recent release of their latest album, 'Where We Are', the case was no different. However a friend of mine who is head over heels in love with Westlife wanted my opinion on the album and, keen to find out what their music was like nowadays, I jumped at the chance, ready and raring to explore.

The cover of the album is quite attractive, a pale sky blue that gives a sense of peace and calm. The four band members are on the front, a distant photo of them all dressed in dark clothes and walking slowly. Again it is all so peaceful and welcoming - definitely a cover that would attract me to the album amongst others. You'll find that Westlife covers are generally black or blue so it does mean that fans know what they are looking for too!

Now the album itself is home to thirteen tracks, of which I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into. Giving their titles a quick scan, they seemed to give off quite a sorrowful and highly emotional style, which can be joyfully expected from Westlife. The first song on the album is 'What About Now'. It is important that the first track gives us an initial wonderful first impression to engage us into listening to the rest of the album. I hadn't actually recognised the song by its title, but as soon as I heard the first few bars I instantly knew it as the boys' single that was released in late October of the same year. It actually peaked at number 2 in both the UK and Irish charts. To be frank, I am not surprised either! This is one of the most amazing songs I've heard in a long time, with a reasonably upbeat chorus and lyrics that infiltrate your mind. Its incredibly melodic and extremely addictive. After this, I couldn't wait to explore the rest of the album!

The second track we face is 'How To Break A Heart'. The title itself suggests that it was going to be quite an aching song, and this is exactly what I found. Though it isn't one of those tear jerking songs that dampen your mood. It still holds a slightly positive tempo with a steady rhythm that surprisingly forces you to tap your feet along in time. It's beautifully sung and one that I will happily listen to time and time again.

Following on from two amazing songs we have 'Leaving'. The four minute track is much more mellow than the previous, and floats divinely in the air around you. The vocals are heavenly - I encourage you to play this song at maximum volume with headphones strapped to your ears so you can feel the power melt your heart! It's one that is sure to draw tears to your eyes in a way only magic can.

A little choked up, we come to 'Shadows' next for a bit of a lift. Whilst this lovely track is still gentle it does have a bit more of a spring to it. It's so powerful, my throat tingles as I refrain myself from singing along. With this song, to close my eyes is to enter a world of bliss and security. It's simply mystical.

So far everything's perfect, and approaching the fifth track I hoped this would live on. 'Talk Me Down' is the second of the delicate songs on the album, a breathtaking piece that will tear your heart. It's so beautifully sung an so gently strokes the atmosphere that it's impossible not to get wrapped up in the rhythm. 'Talk Me Down' is without a doubt a fine song.

'Where We Are' is not only the name of the album, but also the sixth song. Now generally the corresponding song on an album is one of the greatest and most memorable tracks, and with this I must agree. This is a superb, and indeed touching, song that will not leave you once you've listened. The vocals are so strong and hold firm control over all your thoughts. I could not be more wonderful.

The chain of delight continues as we approach 'The Difference'. This is one of the more steady songs, but in no way is it monotonous. It's such a warm song with secretive depth to it, bewitching to say the least. It's fair to say that it's one of my favourite songs on the album, one that I simply love to sing over and over.

'As Love Is My Witness' is another of our mellow tracks, and is quite sorrowful in a loving way. It is so perfectly sung, and it tugs on the heart with passion and delight. A song that makes you sway and close your eyes considerately, it's an amazing piece and a treasure to the album.

Just when I thought things could not get any better, I was introduced to 'Another World'. I was taken away by the peaceful yet powerful song - such a sensational piece that sends a thrill of delight throughout your entire soul. A truly amazing song that helps make the album the delight that it is.

The next track on the album brought more tears to my eyes than I had bargained for, thanks to the soothing rhythm of 'No More Heroes'. There's something so relaxing about the song that seems to force me to let my guard down and release any emotions locked within. It's so magnetic it's astounding. Definitely a delight to put it simply.

It was quite a sad thought when I realized I was approaching the end of the album, as I came to the eleventh track in the form of 'Sound of a Broken Heart'. This one has quite a fast paced tempo, to slot alongside the beating heart. And indeed it certainly has your heart racing! It's a beautifully sung piece, breathtaking in every which way.

Our second last track carries on this reasonable pace, though has much more aching vocals that tug at your heart with force. I was surprised by the fact that it has the ability to make me feel both joyous and broken, the magic created in just four minutes of music. This is one song that sticks by your side and will not leave you in a hurry.

Last but by no means least we have 'I'll See You Again'. As with the first track, it is especially important that this song lives up to all positive expectations, as it is likely to give you the opinions that you will leave the album with. Not only that, but this is also the longest track at just over five minutes. Thankfully, it was just as delightful as the rest. It has quite a steady tempo with gentle vocals that sooth the air and banish all signs of tension. It is completely overwhelming, and a splendid way to end the album.

With not a single ounce of disappointment, it is fair to say that this album is a complete and utter success. Better still, it has a price tag to match! It this current climate buying CDs at our leisure s not always the most practical of ideas, but seeing as this one will only cost you around £7 from all good music stores, it is definitely something to cheer about. Each and every track is beautifully sung with a sensational melody, and is enough to make me want to listen to more Westlife delights. This is just one of their many albums, unique and magical in every way.

Amy x

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