Thursday, 14 January 2010

Interview with Costaki Economopolous

There's something wonderful about British humor, but it generally falls into similar categories. Though if you stumble upon American comedy, you'll find that it is much more versatile. I first fell in love with American stand-ups thanks to one special person who goes by the name of Caroline Rhea. And it just so happens that Caroline's partner too is a stand up comedian, introducing me to a whole other world of laughter. Meet Costaki Economopolous!

Me: Your comedy career really came to light whilst at University - would you say your studies helped your acts at all?
Costaki: Yes- and actually in graduate school I was a teaching assistant and led the discussion groups and instruction for classes in political science and that helped me with being in front of "an audience."

Me: Did you always know you wanted to go into comedy?
Costaki: Yes, but I didn't think it was really possible, so I prepared to teach American government- my fallback position.

Me: Where do you most like to perform?
Costaki: I love good clubs. A smallish place where folks know to come see good comedy. And theaters where they know me are great too.

Me: What have been your career highlights so far?
Costaki: How about meeting the mother of my child at The Atlanta Punchline? I'ts my old home club and where Care and I met.

Me: Who were your career inspirations?
Costaki: There are a lot. I continue to be inspired and impressed by comics around me all of the time. But nobody influenced me as much as George Carlin.

Me: Where do you find ideas for your acts?
Costaki: Anything that really bugs me is a good place to start.

Me: You now have a little daughter - do you hope she will follow in your footsteps?
Costaki: I hope that kid does whatever she wants. If it's comedy, that's great. But I support her to follow her heart, wherever it leads her.

Me: What advice would you give to budding stars out there?
Costaki: Do the homework. Study the greats. Write. Write some more. Rewrite. Ask questions. Get on stage as much as you can. Drink it all in.

Me: What are your hopes for the future?
Costaki: I'd like more media exposure to help build an audience- especially more stand up on television.


Thanks, Amy x

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