Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Interview with Dee Thresher

For several years now I've been addicted to Dee Thresher's celebrity fitness DVDs, and finally I am privileged enough to have the pleasure of interviewing her. Enjoy!

Me: How did you first get into fitness and personal training?
Dee: Started going to the gym and doing classes when I was working as a secretary in London, but was dragged there initially by my friend as she fancied the instructor! Became a regular and one day the instructor didn't turn up so I took the class and got the buzz from then.

Me: Have you always been a lover of keep fit and exercise?
Dee: I have danced from a young age but was never good at team sports, so this job was ideal for me.

Me: You've worked with various celebrities to help them lose weight with their own fitness DVDs; which would you say you enjoyed the most?
Dee: I have enjoyed them all and love seeing the results not just from celebs but every day clients.

Me: Are there any celebrities you'd like to reach out to and help?
Dee: None that spring to mind but always open to suggestions!

Me: What is your favourite form of exercise?
Dee: Dance for sure, but love powerful hard exercise that makes you feel great after.

Me: You're a columnist for 'Reveal' magazine - is writing something you think you'd like to do more of?
Dee: For sure, I would like to reach out to all sorts of people hence the TV work I do too.

Me: What would be your top fitness tip?
Dee: Find something you enjoy doing and the you will stick to it.

Me: What are your hopes for the future?
Dee: I would like to do more media work and keep teaching my classes which I love.

A star in many ways, thank you Dee!

Amy x

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