Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mock the Week Series 8

(Written 21/1/2010)

Over the last year or so I have become a massive fan of 'Mock the Week'. The show, presented by Dara O'Briain, is one of the greatest comedy shows around. It never fails to entertain me with its exciteful topics and witty panelists. I've had just enough time to catch up with as much of the previous series' as I could, when I was alerted that Series 8 was soon to begin. And just a few weeks after finding out the news, the new series finally began! But there was one change that was apparent from the word go...

The lack of Frankie Boyle. When he had announced that the previous series was his last, a cloud of devastation cast over all fans of the show. He was such an asset to the show and nobody really knew how it was going to turn out. Thankfully there was no noticeable changes to the set, and the lovely Dara was still in the anchor chair. We still had the gorgeous Russell Howard too; thank goodness for that, I wouldn't be able to cope otherwise, as well as Andy Parsons and Hugh Dennis. They were joined by Milton Jones, Patrick Kielty and Mark Watson. Now Mark Watson is amazing, so I was thrilled about that, but I had no idea who the other two were. I was hoping I was about to be introduced to two new comedy loves, but was this going to be the case?

As I had expected, the comedians I was already familiar with brought me nothing but delight, however I was not too impressed with Kielty and Jones. Milton Jones scares me incredibly, though I cannot actually work out what it is about him that makes me shiver. Whilst what Patrick Kielty was saying was funny, I had heard it all before, and I cannot be sure that I have heard it all through him before either! They were a bit of a letdown, but thankfully the positives outweighed the negatives. The jokes and lines given by Russell stood out quite a bit, especially the one he conducted about Frankie and a line about Kerry Katona, which alone is something to watch the show for! I shan't spoil it, but I can promise that you will laugh!

The show itself ran smoothly as usual with the usual format of scripting to videos and 'Unlikely Things to Hear', and the half hour show was generally a delight to watch. Yes, it is a little different without Frankie but it's not too much of a disaster and it still holds humour as hoped! There are six episodes in total throughout the series, each one aired on Thursday at 9pm on BBC2. It is definitely worth making an effort to watch, whether as it airs or on iPlayer at a later time. I believe Sarah Millican is going to be on the show next week which is definitely something worth tuning in for! An all round brilliant start to a series; I cannot wait for the rest!

Amy x

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