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National Television Awards 2010

(Written 21/1/2010)

What do you get if you take a large room, fill it with famous 'telly' people, add some sparkly frocks and line up a bunch of shiny awards? Why, it's the National Television Awards of course! And this year brought us another evening filled with tears of joy and emotion as the nation's most loved shows and celebrities go head to head to find out who truly is the best of the best...

Last night the awards kicked off with a wonderful performance from last year's X Factor winner, 'Joe McElderry'. As much as this was a fantastic way to start the show, it soon became apparent that this ceremony very much had the X-Factor. Not only was it opened by our winner, but it was also hosted by the show's presenter, Dermot O'Leary. And if that wasn't bad enough, we also had a very 'X Factor' style introduction, and to top it off the King of television, Simon Cowell himself was almost sitting on the stage. With the initial stress out of the way, it was time to relax and actually enjoy the awards!

So the first award we were faced with was the 'Best Entertainment Programme'. Dannii Minogue, who officially announced her pregnancy on stage, and Tess Daily presented the award, which was quite nice, with the first win of the evening going to the lovely Ant and Dec. I love those two and they truly did deserve this for their Saturday Night Takeaway!

Following on we saw 'Gavin and Stacey' win Best Comedy Programme and Lacey Turner taking home the title of Best Serial Performance. I was thrilled to bits for Lacey when they announced the winner - 'EastEnders' have tackled Stacey's Bipolar Disorder amazingly, and Lacey has done such a wonderful job with her portrayal that no finer actress could have won that category.

Stephen Fry went on to win the Star Travel Documentary Award for his 'Stephen Fry in America', with Craig Gazey taking home the Best Newcomer award for his portrayal of Graeme in 'Coronation Street'. Again another well deserved award, such a talented actor with amazing comic timing.

Following on from this William Roache and Jack P. Shepherd give us a look at what is to come in the next few months of 'Coronation Street', and my breath was well and truly taken away. There seems to be what can only be described as insanely exciting storylines ahead of us; I am now more excited for 'Corrie' more than ever!

We were next brought the Best Drama Award, and much to my delight the award went to 'Doctor Who'. I was a little disappointed when David left all the talking to Bernard Cribbins, though he is incredibly funny and very lovely so it was not too devastating! After this little treat we were given another - in the form of John and Edward a.k.a Jedward. Singing their new single, 'Under Pressure', they sprang about the stage with more energy than ever and although this added to the X Factor connections it was still a delight and a wonderful way to create a break in the show.

The next category brought to us was Best Factual Programme, and as soon as I heard those words my heart began to leap. I knew exactly how I wanted this one to go, but whether or not I'd be granted my wish I didn't know. 'Loose Women' was going head to head with shows such as 'Come Dine With Me' and 'Top Gear', all of which are amazing. Though it did occur to me that 'Loose Women' have won every award they've been nominated for over the past few years, if I am not mistaken, and I had a feeling tonight was not going to be an exception. Well the second they were announced as the winners, I screamed. I jumped up. And a single tear slid down my cheek as I jumped around with delight. I must apologize to my Twitter followers as I did go slightly insane then, I did get a little overexcited! Well done to my Loosies, you all looked radiant and you well and truly deserve the win!

Then it was time for the Special Recognition which over the years has gone to many greats such as Jamie Oliver, Ant and Dec and Jeremy Clarkson. And this year the award went to the wonderful Stephen Fry. Although I knew very little about his life, in this one evening I learned so much about him and understood instantly what a fantastic character he is. Definitely a brilliant person to be chosen for the award.

We had just three awards left, and there was no surprise that the Talent Show Award went to the 'X Factor'. That went without saying. And then our Best Drama Performance Award went to the gorgeous David Tennant. Needless to say I was positively ecstatic. I got incredibly emotional with his speech, and as soon as they played his final clip in 'Doctor Who', I am not ashamed to admit that I cried. A lot. David is the finest actor to walk this planet and no greater man could have been chosen for the award.

Our last award is possibly the one that people look forward to the most. Yes, I am talking about the Serial Drama Award. It would seem that 'EastEnders' win this more often than not, but this year 'Coronation Street' took the trophy home, beating 'EastEnders', 'Emmerdale' and 'Hollyoaks' also. There has been a lot of negative words said about this win, but I must say that I feel 'Corrie' well and truly deserve it. I feel that the last few months with 'EastEnders' have been all about the Mitchells, and while I do love them, I feel that 'Coronation Street' has given us a much wider view of the show and enlightened us to a greater range of storylines and emotions.

So that's the NTAs down for another year, and we can only hope that we have another year of amazing television to make the awards all the more exciting next year. My fingers are crossed that 'Loose Women' walk away with an award in 2011, but only time will tell. A massive congratulations to all the winners last night, each and every one of them have done fantastically. Maybe one day I will be presenting the show or perhaps even winning an award myself (!) but until then I shall continue to enjoy the event on the box!

Amy x

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