Thursday, 28 January 2010

Secret Diary of a Call Girl Series 3

Five years now Billie Piper has been a huge part of my life. You could say she has been my life. She sparked my love for 'Doctor Who', and the period dramas she brought us following on were something I fell heavily in love with. Though Piper's most 'moving' project following her departure from the beloved sci-fi show is by far 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl'; the intimate adventures of London Call girl Belle De Jour. Series one was a godsend, and the second was all the more delightful. So when series three finally aired this evening, I was beyond ecstatic. But was it going to deliver?

A few years after it all began and our Belle is now a best-selling author, in secretive of course. Her adventures in London continue, with a queue of client fantasies waiting to be fulfilled. As we could expect though it is not all as straight forward as Belle would like. Intertwined with her whoring preparations Hannah now has to deal with the interference of her curious sister Jackie, as well as the pressures to write a second book and the sly remarks from those cursed with jealousy. It may only the beginning, but already life for Belle is heating up!

As with the previous series', we are presented with not only a wonderful plot to keep us engaged but also a fantastic cast. Of course we have Billie, who is an utter delight (and I must add, looks fantastic post-baby!). We still have Ben too, again portrayed by Iddo Goldberg. There was a specific scene where for a moment I saw a mirror image of David Tennant in him, which was quite a shock to say the least. Goldberg is a charming actor, definitely well suited to the role. I was delighted to see Bambi was still as important as ever, another fantastic performance from the lovely Ashley Madekwe. Though we also have Jackie now as well, who although we'd seen her in glimpses we truly get to unravel the character now. Portrayed by Joanne Bobin, this is one character I look forward to seeing more of!

There's clearly a fantastic team of script writers behind the show. The language is quite strong, but is in a context such that it is not too vulgar or offensive, and feels part of natural conversation. There's a touch of humor to the show too, with one particular conversation which went as follows:

Bambi:"Is it because I'm common? Is it because I'm Black?"
Belle:No is because you're a whore you muppet!

It's so basic but so clever. And the second that caught my attention was when Belle simply claims, "Get out of my sister! It really is a wonderfully scripted show, award worthy alone for its charming use of language.

So we're two episodes into the series and so far there's not a scratch of negativity or flaw. It had been said that this series was going to be more raunchy that before, however so far I see no sign of this. Nonetheless, knowing Belle she is likely to have a few surprises up her sleeve for us in the upcoming episodes. Needless to say it is not for the faint hearted or easily offended, but if you don't mind a bit of whore then this is one that you cannot let pass by. Billie has done a fantastic job yet again with capturing our attention and I for one cannot wait for the rest of the series!

Amy x

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