Friday, 5 February 2010

Coronation Steet - Peter Barlow, alcoholic

I knew it was coming. Yet I was still astounded.

We all know Peter Barlow was a recovering alcoholic, but I think I speak for the majority when I say I truly thought he was safe from drink. Though, this being 'Coronation Street', we can often be easily deceived. And when Leanne set about opening the bar, trouble was not too far away...

It goes without said that Peter was going to be tempted; surrounded by drink on a daily basis is to be any recovering alcoholic's nightmare. It's like putting a child in a sweet shop and dragging them out before they get to sample the fine delights. Having seen clips, I was aware that Peter was going to slip up, but I was incredibly surprised at the pace of it all.

It's the welcome night at the bar, Leanne is happily swanning around and greeting her guests. And Peter? He's left to his own devices to down all the glasses of champagne he wishes. And just as Ken turns up, with a change in his heart ready to support his son, Peter finally spirals.

And it is not even he who I feel sorry for. It's Leanne. It's Ciaran. It's Ken. It's all those who are hurt by Peter's reckless actions. It broke my heart to see Leanne so distraught, heartbroken. And then I remembered little Simon. That was when I suddenly realised this was not just a case of alcoholism, but of potential child neglect and family disownment...and I'd expect nothing less from 'Coronation Street'!

I must give an enormous amount of praise to the wonderful Chris Gascoyne though. This is naturally not going to be an easy storyline to tackle, but he is doing such a fantastic job at portraying the problem, as I am sure he will continue to do. Peter's problem is most certainly likely to cause a stir across the street, my heart pounding as I wait to find out what happens. Only time will tell as the story unravels itself, and I expect nothing but great things from the soap!

Amy x

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  1. I can see Leanne dumping him very soon if he doesn't stop drinking. The antics last night were just out of order really. Peter needs to prove properly that he can stay away from the drink before Leanne reconsiders the whole bar thing.

    I personally think Peter will just fall off the wagon again, and I can see him dying before the end of the year.