Friday, 19 February 2010

EastEnders Live episode 19/2/2010

19th February 2010, Friday

Wake up. Realise today is the day when the nation finds out who killed Archie Mitchell. Yelp with delight.

Leave for college. Keep thinking of EastEnders to help get through the afternoon.

Turn on the soaps. Realise that EastEnders starts in just an hour. Yelp with delight.

Just half an hour to go. Yelp with delight.

Draw all attention to the television. Control shaking as theme tune starts. Yelp with delight. And breathe...

Scream. Cry. Wail.

I'm now sitting here, watching 'The Weakest Link: EastEnders Special', calming down. I was looking forward to tonight's EastEnders. Of course I was. But at the same time,I was nervous. Very nervous.

There were two main reasons for my uncontrollable shaking, aside from the excitement. First of all, you have the aspect that the show was going to be live. I'd never before watched any show live before, so I had no idea what to expect. I can now confirm though that the show ran amazingly for the thirty minutes. Watching carefully I waited as somebody took a tumble or mumbled up a line. However the whole cast managed to float through their scripts with grace and if any mistakes were made, they went unnoticed.

And the second factor that had me in a tizz was the fact that this was the episode which revealed to us the murderer of Archie Mitchell. I had my predictions: Jack, Ryan, Sean. When dear Lacey whispered in fear at the end, sharing her darkest secret with Max, Stacey's life was setting up to take a dramatic turn. Not for one moment did I believe that Stacey was the killer. In my head I simply could not get it to fit. But now that the secret is out, I can just about adjust to the way the story has turned. I only hope that we do not see the back of Stacey now, that would be horrid!

That brings me to Bradley. Bradders. My fellow Doctor Who lover. The man with the nut allergy. Many people were not very impressed with him when Charlie joined the cast back in 2006, but I have always had a soft spot for Mr Clements. I'd heard so many rumours about Charlie's exit. One said he got shot, others said he committed suicide. It's hard to work out what exactly happened, but all that we know is that Bradley plummeted from the roof of the Vic. He may have jumped, he may have simply lost his balance. Either way he will be truly missed, and I can only hope that one day my heart will stop grieving for the loss of a great character!

The 25th birthday live episode was well and truly a phenomenon. It is one episode that will go down in history, and is something the BBC should be more than proud of. A lot of work has clearly gone into the show and it has certainly paid off. It was a delight to watch, albeit exceedingly emotional, and one that will be a challenge to beat.

EastEnders, you are a gem of a show, no finer one around.

Amy x

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  1. Finally, someone who was excited as me! I have to admit i actually cried when bradley died, i was sooo shocked it was stacey..its like he died for nothing, i swear she asked bradley if he was sure it wasnt him? hmmm x