Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Let's Dance (Sport Relief 2010) - Ellie Crisell

Just a quick blog update for you...

When I found out Ellie Crisell was taking part in this year's Let's Dance, I was more than ecstatic!

Ellie does mean the world to me, of course she does! She is 50% the reason why I fell in love with TV Presenting (the other 50% naturally being Konnie Huq...) and I am quite surprised that whenever I raise her name in a conversation, I am more often than not responded with 'Who?'.

When I discovered that Louise Minchin too was dancing, I was bordering on being overwhelmed! It was as if the newsreaders group had been put together for my sake. They were just missing Bill Turnbull! Their performance was perfect to say the least, and given Ellie's dancing background I could have expected nothing less!

There were a few remarks made on twitter re Ellie, and I must agree with the fact that she did adopt a much more sexy, 'flaunt it all' persona. A great deal of difference from her squeaky clean Newsround image, for sure! She did look delightful and did not stop smiling throughout the comments, and even when it was announced that they were out of the competition (first, I would like to point out! FIRST!).

So the seven times I voted may have lost me a fiver and may not have helped my Newsreaders trio, but it did leave me feeling proud of myself. I don't tend to vote unless I truly want somebody to progress. I may not have made a difference this time, but I am still incredibly proud of Ellie and the rest. They did fantastically well!

So best of luck to Katy and Rufus, and I cannot wait for Shappi Khorsandi's dance next week - anybody know who she is dancing with? Just a week to go until the excitement can begin again...

I have found a new love, in the form of Sport Relief!

Amy x

(originally posted 20/2/10)

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