Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nine Dead

Time is running out...

When I saw the trailer for Nine Dead last year, I was amazed. Intrigued. You know when you see a clip of a film and you just know that you will not be able to rest until you've seen it? Well at long last I can finally put my mind at ease, as I can officially say I've seen the film - but was it worth the wait?

In short, yes! Within the first few minutes I found myself hooked. You know straight away what the plot of the film is - nine people are held captive and unless they work out why they are there, they are going to die in turn. It's a pretty straight forward plot as far as movies go, yet so gripping. You want to know immediately why the nine are there. As they learn little snippets of information about each other they try and piece together connections, and you find yourself doing the same, trying to unravel the story.

The plan of the killer is to shoot one of the nine every ten minutes until they work out why they are there. This is the one time that clock watching with movies is a good thing. You find yourself frantically skimming your eyes over the clock, calculating how many minutes are left before one more dies. You pray that they resolve this sinister puzzle before the time is up. You want to help them. You long to shout out them when they side track from the point. It's incredibly addictive.

Not only was the film well acted, but it's incredibly scripted and beautifully directed. It is set mainly in the windowless prison of a room where the nine are handcuffed to a wall, and usually the lack of scene changes in a film can become a little tedious and dull but this is so fantastically done that you cannot take your eyes away from the screen, fearing that you will miss something.

The end of the film is quite a surprise; in a way it has two potential endings run together, and then you are still left guessing at the possible outcome, allowing you to make your own mind up. It really annoys me when you sit through a great film, and then find out that the ending is not a scratch upon the rest. Luckily this was not a problem. Even the end credits are worth watching, for they appropriately run Course of Nature's 'Anger Cage' under them.

I can well and truly say that that was an hour and a half of my life well spent. It is truly a fantastic film that has left me hungry for more. It is one I will certainly watch again and again, and have just christened it one of my all time favorite films (alongside The Lion King and Mary Poppins...). If you have yet to see it, it is definitely worth going out of your way to see. You'll not regret it, and that's a promise.


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