Thursday, 25 March 2010

Youtube is down?!

Never before have I witnessed so much intensity on Twitter. So much stress and inpatience. I am a victim of these traits, for it took one small statement to hinder my plans.

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

Yes, that's right. Youtube is down. Twitter is going crazy and bloggers are having a feel day. Youtube Partners everywhere must be sweating at the thought of losing precious pennies their videos bring them. And I? Well I had one minute left on a video I was uploading after sitting there twiddling my thumbs for a good part of an hour, and the system decides to simply 'stop working' just before my video had the chance fully upload. Typical.

Of course, not all is at a loss. Providing we visit the link directly, we are still able to view embedded videos, but we cannot sign in. No comments can be left, no messages can be sent, and indeed no five star ratings can be given for those special videos that make you chuckle. So what now?

Well all we can do now is watch the clock. Minutes turn into hours as we refresh the page over and over again, praying that each time, Youtube will be fully functioning once more. Still there has been no explanation sent forward from the site; we remain clueless and left to ponder. The East coast has long surfaced, but only now will millions of Americans be dragging themselves out of bed to discover this terrifying global disaster. All is currently lost, but let's hope it is not for much longer.

So let's all join hands and sing to the heavens in unity, hoping that an everlasting bonding of peace and harmony will bring the beloved site back into action. And if that doesn't work, we can smash our cameras. Kum Ba Ya.

Amy x

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  1. I nearly smashed my Fuji Fine Pix A235 camera the other day, as I knackered the tiny USB connection ....