Monday, 10 May 2010

Picking the flowers from the garden of reality

At long last, Spring has finally arrived. The birds are chirping merrily in the sky, the grass is fresh and luscious. Baby lambs bleat their way across the field and flowers are blooming around every corner. The air is filled with the sweet smell of joy and children everywhere are making daisy chains...

SNAP! Yes, that was me snapping back to reality. I can conclude that that is most certainly not the Spring we are faced with. It sounds more like something out of a Monet painting. Which, for the record, are always beautiful. There's something that's so refreshing about Spring, no matter what the weather. Perhaps in previous years we did have that glorious sunshine beaming down on us and allowing our gardens to bloom, but now the Teletubby baby is just looking down and laughing at us from her perch on the sun. We may have rain, we may have breeze, but it is so incredibly delicious. There's nothing more annoying than that 'cheeky Volvic' advert that seems to have infiltrated our televisions just now, but I cannot lie – there really isn't anything as revitalising as water. In this instance, rain water. I find nothing more enjoyable that taking a walk in the rain; a little sun melted softly in the sky, a cool breeze wrapping you up as the rain slowly drifts down and washes out your sorrows. Sensational.

There's something about Spring time that always takes me back to my childhood – Easter always brought great fun in Primary school. This is especially true when it came to our weekly hymn practice. For the life of me I cannot recall the name of this particular song, but we used to sing about an Easter Bonnet and people wearing smiles upon their faces...all very cheerful and sunny. Oh, and of course 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On'...clearly in the '90s, Little Miss Teletubby Sun was still a B-Lister and did not feel the need to hide her face behind overpriced Prada sunglasses.

I have to admit though, Spring time is my second favourite season, narrowly beaten by Autumn. It doesn't seem to last long though. Maybe because it's so damn hard to distinguish the difference between 'Spring' and 'Summer'. They seem to be merged into one – mainly because the weather is generally dreary throughout those months anyway. It's not until we get the luscious Autumn leaves a-tumbling that we realise we are finally out of our so-called sunbathing weather and back into the darker nights. Never fear though – when this happens, it means that Halloween, Bobunk and Christmas are all just around the corner!

As I look out the window upon my city life street, I see cars. I see scaffolding and annoying council vans that cause drilling and hammering from 8am onwards. There's a line of dustbins by the kerb waiting to be emptied, some uncannily naked trees aside them. I long to see a ladybird. I hope for a butterfly to come a fluttering by. There's barely a bird chirping in the sky. I see no daisies, I see no chains. Just muddy floors and filthy windowpanes.

Is this our fault? Have we abolished Spring? Are we just too set in our grumpiness and moaning about the current condition of our country that we forget to truly appreciate the things Mother Nature offered to us to love and cherish for free? It seems that we have lost interest in a vision of beauty and have instead turned our surroundings into a post-scenic wreck. If we just believe, we can have it all back. We can recreate those happy childhood memories so many among us have locked away along with the Easter bunny, fluffy chicks and painted eggs. But instead, we choose to drop our litter, break our fences and hide away in the darkness. It would seem, in a way perhaps not so obvious, that we could be staring Armageddon right in the face...

Amy x

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