Friday, 3 September 2010

Searching through the stars

You sit there, praying for it to happen. You long to turn the corner and see him standing there. You hold your breath in the hope that, somewhere in the distance, you'll hear him approaching. You ache to hear his voice, ensuring you he'll stand by you until the worlds collide. At the end of the Earth, together until the end of time. You think you hear him, calling you. You should out. He never replies.

You look up at the sky, an aeroplane passes overhead. You had hoped it was him, coming to pick you up off the ground and remove all heartache you'd locked inside. You realise you're still standing there, alone in the night with nowhere to go.

You tell yourself he'll be there for you tomorrow. 'He'll come and find me, you'll see'. That glorious being with so much warmth running through him. The fear he holds behind his eyes, the mysterious air around him. His clothes, his hair, his smile. Oh, his smile! Never before could anybody light up the world with a single beautiful smile.

You see him in your dreams. Hear him, feel him. He's out there somewhere. You'll never give up searching, across the galaxies and into the unknown. A man of such depth, such adoration. You need him to notice you; to sense you; to feel you. You need him to take you away. You need him to love you. In your heart, he remains, your mind he won't leave. Your life. Your love. Your Doctor.

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  1. I have many Doctors- but what a splendid fellow - ALL of him!