Tuesday, 30 November 2010

World AIDS Day 2010

Tomorrow we see World Aids Day, a day that cannot receive enough attention. I feel, however, that the day, and indeed the growing problem with Aids, is often overshadowed by other diseases and illnesses. We all know of the major cancer charities, or where to turn to if we wish to donate and help out such illnesses. Ask yourself this though: if you had to today give your spare change to those suffering with Aids, would you know where to look? If you feared you may have contracted the disease, needed help, would you know who to turn to?

People fear Aids. They don't like to talk about it. They don't like to think about it. It is not because they are arrogant, nor is it because they don't care. It is, sadly, because they simply do not know. Aids is considered a filthy, dirty disease that only the most vulgar among us suffer from. This is a world from the truth. If only people were educated on the disease, on how to approach the subject, then maybe help and support for those suffering would be more widespread.

Please use tomorrow as a day to start your learning process; the Internet is bursting with information, and with charities who will often be more than happy to accommodate your queries. Lay the foundations with the information you may already have, and continue to build upon this, each step growing richer with knowledge. Donate if you can; nothing is too little. If you cannot afford to spare money, please still spread the word. The more people who are aware of the disease, the easier it will be to battle it together.

The world is large and there are too many people who unfortunately are suffering from Aids, or perhaps know somebody fighting with the disease. Let tomorrow be the day that you join those who are supporting Aids sufferers in their battle. As one person, we may not feel like we can make a difference, but together we can. With your help, we can take one step closer with the fight against AIDS.

- Amy

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