Thursday, 9 December 2010

Layf in th finetic lain

It seems thit meny skools nowidais hav taikin to teechin childrin spelin fineticly. Strait away it ocurd to me thit this cud cos meny problims not unly for th studints but olso for evrybody they may ever cum into kontact with.

If yor tot from day won that yoo need t spel wurds th wiy yoo sey them, won wud hav t wunder wen in layf yood akchily lurn to spel sed wurds corektly. Needlis t sey, spelin fineticly yor entayr layf is gowin t mayk comyoonicaytin a bit of a chalinj. Others arownd yoo may not neseserily hav the saym aksent as yoo, and so they mey pronowns ther wurds difrently to yoo. For ixampl, the avrij Amerikn will pronowns ther wurds entayrly difrent from a Skot, or a Jordy. Comyoonicaytin throo th meedeeum of raytin otomaticly becums a greyt chalinj.

Not ownly wil yoo strugl with interactin with others, but yoo may have dificulty with reedin as yoo will not hav lurnt how to spel th wurds beefor yoo, thus not noin wot they luk layk in corect print. Yoo may never gayn a proper understandin for the Inglish langwij and yoo wil not b opind t th wurld of litrachr.

Leeding a finetic layfstayl cud end up maykin layf dificult. For thows with dedicayshin and pashin, thows who wont to lurn, then they may b mor wilin t pik up th propr way t spel thows wurds wich help us get throo eech day. For th childrin however who dunt reely kare in ther erlier days, they may end up regretin not maykin mor efort wen it caym to stepin away from finetic spelin.

If yoo hav strugld t reed this, I thanc yoo. It has meerly proovn may poynt thit wraytin fineticly is not gowin to b a tacticl lurnin methid.


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