Saturday, 15 January 2011

David Tennant - engaged and expecting baby!

I'm trying so hard to be pleased for the happy couple, honest!

When I heard a few weeks back that David Tennant and Georgia Moffett recently became engaged, I was devastated. Sure, I want him to be happy, but Tennant has been my Doctor for over five years. He stole my heart and squished it into pulp, before leaving it to frazzle in the heat he provides.

Yet I never held that against him, and my heart still longed for that very man. His smile, so warm, his eyes so deep and loving. I refused to be a 'fan girl'; no posters were put up, never did I sprawl 'I <3 David Tennant' over anything, and no photos of him were carried in my purse (well, just the one!). Unrequited love, it's painful!

A mere five minutes ago, the news was broken to me that Moffett is in fact expecting her second child, Tennant's first. Well, I'm thrilled for Tennant. I really am. That child is going to be the finest specimen ever known, it's guaranteed. I'm just...well, I'm raging with envy!

Would I trade places with Moffett? Sure, why not? But I don't want her life, not really. I want my life, and my life is incomplete without Tennant. In my heart and in my head, he'll always remain. I hope life throws a continuous amout of joy towards the happy couple, but no matter what happens, Tennant will always be 'mine'.

Amy x

(On a less insanity-driven note, congrats to the two! I hope everything works out perfectly!)

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