Tuesday, 11 January 2011

♥ Stars and Stripes! ♥

For the first time in my life, I have actually made a decision!

Yes, really! It has come to that time in my life when I need to start planning for the future. It may not be the most relaxing of tasks, but it has to be done! The first hurdle was to decide on a 'theme' for my future accommodation, be it a flat or a house. I'd initially set my mind to 'pink', and so invested in a pink towel. However, I sharp changed my mind.

And now, well now I've set my heart on an entire house splurged with 'Stars and Stripes', an American theme if you will. Needless to say, locating pink items for a house would be a much easier challenge than trying to find specific items with Stars and Stripes on it, but where's the adventure in that?!

I've managed to source two things so far for my 'future' collection. Perhaps they're not the most exciting of items, perhaps they are! The first is just a little set of bath and hand towels, some blue and some red, to fit in with the colour coordination. And the second? Well that made me yelp with delight! For it is a bin! Yes, a bin! But this is no ordinary bin, as it has 'Broadway' written on the side of it! How exciting is that?!

I shall keep my eyes widely open for lots more exciting US items. A large flag would be nice, a rug perhaps. Various websites online have the odd suitable household item, which I'll definitely look into buying as soon as I come back from the States later this year. I'll dot New York City canvas pictures around the walls. My obsession could even draw me to sticking receipts from the States into red or blue frames and dotting them around the house, we'll have to see!

For now, this is as far as my 'future' collection goes. In good time, it will grow. But I am sticking by my decision. I will live in a Stars and Stripes home for as long as I live! ♥

Amy x

"Stars and Stripes 'til I die"

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  1. An apartment or house with an American theme would be awesome! I'm the same, I already collect anything and everything to do with NYC!! lol
    - Jen xox