Thursday, 12 May 2011

MTV Geordie Shore

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Olly Murs (City Hall, Newcastle UK)

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LESS than 18 months ago he came second place in the nation's largest talent competition.

Now, Olly Murs is taking the charm he displayed on the X Factor around the country with his self-titled tour.

His stop at the City Hall saw a giant crowd of screaming fans displaying an array of banners and personalised garments showing their love and support for the young star.

Olly performed songs from his hit album, including his debut single, Please Don’t Let Me Go, which is loved just as much now as it was when it rocketed straight to number one in the charts.

He also gave his own take on a selection of covers he holds close to his heart. Each song was accompanied by an assortment of lively dance routines, with Olly’s signature moves woven throughout.

Not only in between songs, but also during numbers, Olly dished out a fair helping of interaction with the audience, involving everybody in the room. Very much in his element, it was clear to see that Olly was having the time of his life, his energy and passion reflecting right across the room.

Credit is also due to the supporting acts: all-male band The Kixx, and Irish girl group Wonderland. Both fuelled the audience, throwing them on to their feet in preparation for Olly’s entrance. Surrounding the staircase centre stage could be found Olly’s nine-piece accompaniment: drums, bass, guitar, brass and energetic backing vocals. The rapport he showed with those he toured with was encouraging and made it feel even more relaxed and welcoming.

At the top of the set was a large screen, on which appropriate images were displayed to match each song.

From image slide shows to mesmerising starry skies, they provided extra padding to the performances, which although not necessary turned out to be a nice touch. The spotlighting allowed Olly to glow, while the brightly-coloured light beams sucked the audience in even further.

Whether you’ve supported Olly Murs since his X Factor audition back in 2009, or you’re a new fan just discovering his music, this was a great way to see him truly work his magic.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Interview with Jade Sharif

I was recently fortunate enough to interview EastEnders actress Jade Sharif, who played young Rebecca Fowler in the popular BBC soap. Check it out...

You were such a young age when joining the cast of the show - did you realise at the time how popular EastEnders is?
I didn't realise how popular it was, no.

Were there any particular cast members you were close to? Any you still keep in touch with?
I was close to all of them! I still keep in touch with a few, like Natalie (Cassidy, Sonia) and James (Alexandrou, Martin).

Did you have any particular method you used when learning the scripts?
I just read the script a few times on the way there so I remembered the lines.

Would you ever like to return to the Square some day?
Yeah I would love to return!

What sort of TV shows do you like to watch? Are there any particular you'd like to star in?
Yeah I would like to do any films or soaps that are available - that would be cool! I miss acting so much.

Amy x