Saturday, 7 May 2011

Interview with Jade Sharif

I was recently fortunate enough to interview EastEnders actress Jade Sharif, who played young Rebecca Fowler in the popular BBC soap. Check it out...

You were such a young age when joining the cast of the show - did you realise at the time how popular EastEnders is?
I didn't realise how popular it was, no.

Were there any particular cast members you were close to? Any you still keep in touch with?
I was close to all of them! I still keep in touch with a few, like Natalie (Cassidy, Sonia) and James (Alexandrou, Martin).

Did you have any particular method you used when learning the scripts?
I just read the script a few times on the way there so I remembered the lines.

Would you ever like to return to the Square some day?
Yeah I would love to return!

What sort of TV shows do you like to watch? Are there any particular you'd like to star in?
Yeah I would like to do any films or soaps that are available - that would be cool! I miss acting so much.

Amy x

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