Sunday, 31 July 2011

What do I want from my career?

I'm often asked what exactly it is about the world of TV and media I find fascinating. I don't buy into the whole 'famous for being famous' celebrity culture, but I love the high level of credit one can receive if they succeed in their own realms. David Tennant, for example, states that he is not a celebrity, just an actor doing his job. It's incredibly admirable and something I respect exceedingly. It's people like Tennant who make the industry so attractive, so rewarding, thus drawing me deeper into it. As well as this, I love the great level of opportunities that such a career could bring. Indeed, I do have my own selection of ambitions and goals I'd like to conquer along the way. I've managed to narrow them down to the top ten:

1. It'd be better than winning the X Factor...
Starting with the most practical idea chronologically, I shall address the Young Reviewers 2011/2012 competition I'm currently taking part in. The year long activity with the Evening Chronicle takes place right through to the New Year, and with the realisation that we're over half way through it, I'm beginning to become quite nervous! Regardless of the outcome, I'll have had an absolutely wonderful experience: I've seen so many amazing performances and indeed I've had my eyes opened to a few genres I wouldn't normally have explored. However, I'm not going to lie, I would like to win...! The frustrating thing though as that there's no telling how well we're doing against other contestants! Quality of writing does of course come into it, but one must also impress the lovely Entertainment Editor Gordon Barr (I'm absolutely not sucking up here in any way, shape or form...perhaps!) with enthusiasm and dedication. I'd love to think that the others taking part have neglected their roles, but somehow this would seem most unlikely! My fingers are tightly crossed that the outcome at the end is very positive and beneficial to my career...

2. Time to Tour!
The concept of touring is something I adore. I'm a born traveller and love exploring new places, meeting new people along the way. Touring opens these doors and many more. I'll be honest, I've not yet worked out how exactly I'd tour. A roadshow perhaps? I just know for sure that it is something in which I'd like to partake before I'm known only as a spirit orb!

3. Am I Loose enough?
I'd like to answer my own question there by telling you that yes, yes I am loose enough to involve myself with Loose Women (just don't go spreading that around!). After a bout of extreme low in my life, the show and its wonderful panellists managed to subconsciously lift me out of a serious Eating Disorder, giving me my higher most career goal to focus on. Just to be a guest on that show would allow me to scratch this option from me 'to do' list, however being a panellist, or indeed an anchor, would be the icing on my momentarily fairy bun sized career cake.

4. Cup of tea and a slice of column...
I remember when I was given my first computer for my tenth birthday, I'd spend hours writing little articles for my own pretend column. One I remember particularly well was a mini article about the possible extinction of pandas (complete with little Clipart cartoon panda!). I'd pay good money to work on my own column. Of course, it'd be entertainment media related, if I had my way, and would include a lot of researching and exploring! To receive credit where it'd be (hopefully!) due in such a way would be much appreciated! Yes, that'd be nice, thank you.

5. All for Charity!
Over the years I've done a lot of charity/activism work and this is something I still enjoy exceedingly. I'd donate a vital organ if it meant I'd be able to involve myself in one of the big charity events in some way. Children in Need is a personal favourite - I'd love to take part in the annual TV event! Any media-based charity event however would be incredibly appealing and would give me a great chance reboot my charity work! Will need to get my thinking cap on with this one!

6. What it must be like to be Blue Peter...
Imagine if your name was Peter, and your surname was Blue? That would look amazing on a passport! BBC's Blue Peter is the very reason my love for the media industry was born. At seven years of age I made the decision to become a TV Presenter, and twelve years later this is still a standing thought! The odds of becoming a TV presenter on there are not too great since they're not handed out like hot cakes or anything, but even just to guest appear on it would be magnificent! Plus, they have cute pets on the show...

7. Oh, Mr Cowell!
I cannot lie, I absolutely adore the ass off Simon Cowell. If you want to make it anywhere on TV as a presenter, you really need the backing of Simon Cowell (saying that, it didn't turn out too well for Kate Thornton who has now been axed from two major TV shows...). As much as I'd love it, my 'career goal' here is not actually to work for Cowell, but simply to acquaint him on a career level. Of course, I'd never say no for working for him, no matter what the contract said (I'm game for ANYTHING as far as Cowell is concerned!), but there are other realms waiting for me to explore first!

8. Love for the Time 'Team'...
I've a long list of people I'd love to work with, and putting Billie Piper aside for a moment, those at the top of the list are David Tennant and John Barrowman. I've been fortunate enough to acquaint Tennant briefly, one of the best days of my life I assure you, but I'd kill to be in a studio with him. John Barrowman, I've so many questions for. However, I'd let him ramble on all day just so I could listen to his voice, it's such a delight! To be around them at the same time would be heavenly, but as long as I get the chance to work with (or indeed, under...!) both of them at some point during my career, I'll be one very happy, close-to-fainting, unrequited infatuated-ridden bunny!

9. Such a dolly!
This one here may be a little bit bizarre, but I love the idea of having oneself turned into a small plastic doll! I used to be a huge collector of Doctor Who figures (and Spice Girls dolls once upon a time!) and find myself incredibly fascinated by the accuracy of the plastics' appearances. I'd love to have my own mini 'McLean' doll, if only to see how others interpret me! The same goes for an animation character - that'd be rather exciting! I've not quite worked out how this career goal will come about, but I'll try my best to find a way!

10. And we're live!
Thoughts of presenting live Television is something which terrifies the life out of me, but in all ways positive! I've presented the odd (some very odd!) live events, but only to a small audience. To present live Television with potentially millions of viewers would be insane! Shooting PTCs is one thing, where retakes are allowed if slip ups occur, but with live television there's no escaping your errors! Just to be able to say that I've broadcast a programme live would be a massive achievement.

There are so many things I'd like my career to offer me; this list is endless. Some of these may seem a little bit crazy, but such an adjective could be used to describe the foundations of my life! My career means more to me than anything, and I'll stop and no lengths to make it a success! I'll just need to ask you very kindly if you could send a lot of luck my way...?

Amy x

Friday, 29 July 2011

Dreams of 20th Century murder mysteries?

I love dreaming. Unlike some, I do remember my dreams pretty much every night of the year and each one I always look for deeper meanings in. Last night's dream left we hungry to find out more...

Searching through a small collection of belongings which had been retrieved, somehow, from the early 20th Century, we came across a large brass coloured pocket watch. On the front of this watch, engraved in the most elegant writing, was the name: THOMAS. The long chain of the pocket watch was attached to a photo frame.

This photo frame had rusted with age, yet was still kind to the eye, enchanting almost. Rather than finding a family photograph inside, there was a letter. Written on yellow coloured paper that hadn't seemed to fade over the years was a note; a mother wrote to her son, to Thomas.

The words of this letter I cannot hear, but there was a certain air of sadness around it. It was apparent that this mother had murdered her child, a boy between the ages of seven and ten. Why or how it was not known.

Communication with the child had not been possible and we were no closer to the truth...

Without a doubt, it's one of the most enthralling dreams I've had in a long time. It has left me with a good handful of questions too. I'd oddly not opened up the pocket watch - could it still be ticking? What was the mother's name? Why would she want to harm her own son? I cannot be more specific with the date, no more than knowing it takes us back a Century or so. Tonight, I'll hopefully reveal a little more information, allowing me to find out exactly what happened.

Amy x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'd dunk ANYTHING!

People who don't dunk baffle me.

For as long as I can remember, I've been dunking. Hundreds of people do it. Yet, there are still those who frown upon it.

I am of course referring to the delightfully enthralling process of dunking biscuits into a cup of steaming hot tea. It seems that some biscuits were designed for this, but there's nothing more exciting than selecting a new option and emerging it into the liquid, eagerly awaiting the results.

Chocolate covered biscuits can be troublesome. If the chocolate melts too much it'll end up being smeared around the edges of the cup, causing nightmares when it comes to washing up. However, if the chocolate takes too long to melt, the biscuit part is likely to become too soggy, like mush!

Biscuits with sticky centres tend to remain crumbly and uncooperative once in the cup. Biting in to them creates incredible shock - one seeks to find a soft and delectable treat but instead finds that they're now covered in wet crumbs.

Digestive biscuits absorb the full effect, bringing an exciting caffeine-fuelled flavour to its soft texture. However, nothing will ever beat the basic rich tea biscuit. It's smooth surface becomes shiny and luscious. A quick dunk provides a soft suck on the slightly moist base, whereas as slightly more lengthy dunk creates a heavenly experience not to be messed with.

Those who are repulsed by the idea of dunking are missing out on an entire enchanting sugary world of fun!

Amy x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Morning's here, the morning's here...

...sunshine is here, the sky is clear, the morning's here!" - Joey Tribbiani and 'morning guy', FRIENDS.

I believe this is the earliest blog post I've ever done. At 8:20am, I've been up for an hour but my eyes still feel glued shut. A cup of tea later and an orange flavoured Dextro energy tablet and I feel no different.

I've always been a night-time person; my best work is done in the evenings and early hours (so if this turns out to be abysmal you can blame the sunshine). Mornings are too bright, too many people are alert and the days are too long!

I once had to leave the house at around 5am to go on holiday - this was bliss! It was still pitch black during the Autumn month and there wasn't a single person around. Excitement had left me with little sleep, yet still the moonlight filled me with floods of energy. Perfection.

The morning is filled with rush - I don't really have the time to be writing this as the day is calling for my attention, but I was so angry with the morning hours that I simply had to badmouth it online. I shall bid you all a morning time farewell, and see you when the stars come out to play!

Amy x

Monday, 25 July 2011

365 Day Challenge & FoundOnFilm

It's today! It's today! It's today!

Yes, just as I promised I'm about to embark upon a blogging challenge, which will last exactly one year, three hundred and sixty five days if you will. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my blog, it's just that I do occasionally forget to nurture it. To help keep me motivated, I've given myself this little adventure in order to give me something to reach for. I'm allowing to miss 10% of the post count, you can hear more about this in my video here.

For my first topic within this challenge, I'd like to draw your attention to a fellow YouTuber: FoundOnFilm.

There are lots of wonderful people on YouTube who post exciting videos and FoundOnFilm is the latest to come my way. The star of the videos posted on said channel is the lovely Sarah. In each video she talks to her viewers with consideration and equality, sharing her views about the latest beauty products.

The occasional haul video will give us an insight into her warm personality; the content she delivers is always enthralling, captivating. What makes Sarah stand out from the rest is her originality and down-to-earth attitude. There's a growing trend on YouTube for beauty gurus to clone themselves on the 'bigger' posters, however this isn't evident in this case in the slightest.

Each video will fill your day with fun and energy as Sarah addresses you not as a crowd, but as an individual. With over two million video view hits and over five thousand subscribers, it's clear to see that FoundOnFilm is a rising success.

Amy x