Friday, 29 July 2011

Dreams of 20th Century murder mysteries?

I love dreaming. Unlike some, I do remember my dreams pretty much every night of the year and each one I always look for deeper meanings in. Last night's dream left we hungry to find out more...

Searching through a small collection of belongings which had been retrieved, somehow, from the early 20th Century, we came across a large brass coloured pocket watch. On the front of this watch, engraved in the most elegant writing, was the name: THOMAS. The long chain of the pocket watch was attached to a photo frame.

This photo frame had rusted with age, yet was still kind to the eye, enchanting almost. Rather than finding a family photograph inside, there was a letter. Written on yellow coloured paper that hadn't seemed to fade over the years was a note; a mother wrote to her son, to Thomas.

The words of this letter I cannot hear, but there was a certain air of sadness around it. It was apparent that this mother had murdered her child, a boy between the ages of seven and ten. Why or how it was not known.

Communication with the child had not been possible and we were no closer to the truth...

Without a doubt, it's one of the most enthralling dreams I've had in a long time. It has left me with a good handful of questions too. I'd oddly not opened up the pocket watch - could it still be ticking? What was the mother's name? Why would she want to harm her own son? I cannot be more specific with the date, no more than knowing it takes us back a Century or so. Tonight, I'll hopefully reveal a little more information, allowing me to find out exactly what happened.

Amy x

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