Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'd dunk ANYTHING!

People who don't dunk baffle me.

For as long as I can remember, I've been dunking. Hundreds of people do it. Yet, there are still those who frown upon it.

I am of course referring to the delightfully enthralling process of dunking biscuits into a cup of steaming hot tea. It seems that some biscuits were designed for this, but there's nothing more exciting than selecting a new option and emerging it into the liquid, eagerly awaiting the results.

Chocolate covered biscuits can be troublesome. If the chocolate melts too much it'll end up being smeared around the edges of the cup, causing nightmares when it comes to washing up. However, if the chocolate takes too long to melt, the biscuit part is likely to become too soggy, like mush!

Biscuits with sticky centres tend to remain crumbly and uncooperative once in the cup. Biting in to them creates incredible shock - one seeks to find a soft and delectable treat but instead finds that they're now covered in wet crumbs.

Digestive biscuits absorb the full effect, bringing an exciting caffeine-fuelled flavour to its soft texture. However, nothing will ever beat the basic rich tea biscuit. It's smooth surface becomes shiny and luscious. A quick dunk provides a soft suck on the slightly moist base, whereas as slightly more lengthy dunk creates a heavenly experience not to be messed with.

Those who are repulsed by the idea of dunking are missing out on an entire enchanting sugary world of fun!

Amy x


  1. And of course, by "biscuits" you mean what we call "cookies" over here on the "other side of the pond". :)
    I'm not much of a dunker, but I am a "dipper". I pretty much have to have some sort of sauce or gravy to dip my bread in. (or my burger if I'm eating one) I understand the alure of dunking, I just don't practice it. (who knows why I don't) Isn't it time for Tea over there now? (It's 8:05am as I write this, and that makes it time for my morning coffee!)

  2. I love to dunk donuts into coffee