Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Analysing Smash Hits! radio...

I used to listen to Smash Hits! radio on a daily basis; it was the only way I was able to keep up to date with today's music, I'm so out of sync! However, I did notice that there was quite a high level of repetition with the songs they play. So, I've just popped in my headphones and have decided to give it a listen for one hour solid. Having studied Radio, I've grown to love stations targeted at a slightly more, shall we say, mature audience? However, I'm going in to this music station with an open mind. Let's see what they throw at me...

(Start time: 9:30pm)

Mike Posner - Cooler than Me

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

Justin Bieber - You Smile

Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor

Cover Drive - Lick Ya Down

The Wanted - Glad You Came

Jessie J - Dude it Like a Dude

Example - Changed the Way You Kiss Me

Nelly and Kelly - Dilemma

JLS - She Makes Me Wanna

Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys

Leona Lewis - Collide

Usher - DJ Got Us Falling in Love

P!nk - Who Knew?

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

Adverts - (One Day movie, Barclays Student Account, Toyota igo)

Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber - Next to You

Olly Murs - Thinking of Me

(Finish time: 22:30)

Okay, we had a good start. I do like Cooler than Me, it's an addictive song and great to sing along to! This positivity remained throughout the second song too; I'd been meaning to check out 1D's debut single, so thank you SH! radio for allowing me to do so! It's quite a catchy one, that's for sure!

On dear, the third song has forced me to admit that I do in fact like Justin Bieber. I think SH! has melted my brain. As much as I'd like to question his somewhat cocky personality, he does have a good voice and a lot of his tracks are rather enjoyable! The fourth song too was most enjoyable, one I've enjoyed listening to for a few weeks now!

The fifth track of the hour was sadly not so good; the lyrics to Lick Ya Down are appalling. The tune isn't too bad the but general feel of the song is just...minging! Had never heard of the song that followed but quite enjoyed it!

Ah, now Dude it Like a Dude I love (in fact, I love it so much that I have it on my iPhone!). That was a cheery little treat there! However, the song that followed didn't impress me in the slightest! Bummer. Although it's not a song I care for, it was nice to see a slightly older song withDilemma thrown in there to take us to the top of the hour!

The tenth track wasn't too bad. I do like JLS but She Makes Me Wanna certainly isn't one of my favourite options of theirs! I was actually overjoyed though when I realised immediately that I recognised the song that followed - not a bad option in there at all from Alexandra Burke!

We appear to stick with the apparent X Factor theme with Collide being the twelfth track, a song by Leona Lewis I'd not previously heard. Well, it isn't too bad, I'll give it that! Track thirteen bored me near to tears.

Ah, P!nk! I actually knew this one straight away too, I'm quite proud of myself! A good option to cheer me up after the tragic latter! However, Nicki Minaj, I'm not impressed in the slightest with what you had to offer!

Slotting in two minutes of adverts at twenty-three minutes past the hour seems quite a peculiar thing to do, but I shan't complain - the two minutes of adverts were appropriate to the target audience and were slightly entertaining (only slightly!).

Now before I set the time on this challenge, Next to You had been playing at what would have been the same time exactly an hour ago...does this mean the next hour will be identical to the previous? To provide myself with an answer I kept listening for a little while. Thankfully, just before my scheduled hour was up, Olly Murs came on so I was overjoyed, both by the song choice and the fact that SH! weren't going with the repetition method! Following on we had songs from J-Lo (I'm into You), Nicole Scherzinger (Wet) and Ne-Yo (Beautiful Monster) so you can safely listen to the station for more than an hour without tiring of the same songs!

What impresses me most about Smash Hits! radio is the quantity of songs played in a one-hour period. To have seventeen tracks and just one advert break is pretty good going; most people will turn over to another station during commercials but at least this was not a temptation here.

The option for callers to contact the station and request their favourite songs is a nice little option too, however the fact that only recorded voice mails are played does make it a little less personal, with no connection being made due to the lack of presenter on the show!

The SH! ident breaks up the songs nicely so we know when a clear segue is being made. However, none of the tracks are actually introduced! You either have to know the song, or recognise the artists' voices, or as I did, Google the lyrics to the songs you've never heard of before to find out the track names! It's a little irritating, but a problem which can be solved.

In all, I'd say Smash Hits! radio is definitely worth listening to. Over an how during the evening show there is a good level of diversity in artists, with the modern music themed all the way through. I don't think I could cope with it on a daily basis, however I shall definitely tune in now and then if only just to try and stay 'down wit da kidz'! (Yes, you can roll your eyes if you wish...)

Amy x

(You can listen to Smash Hits! radio here!)

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