Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dreams of Torchwood: Battle of Nine V Ten

Okay, so I’ve another dream to report to you this morning. As mentioned in my previous blog post, I do have a lot of Doctor Who and Torchwood dreams, and this one plays into that…

I sat on a train with a pile of tickets in my hand. Sitting backwards at the table there were two people in front of me, but nobody to the side. It became apparent that these two other people were my Torchwood companions. Yes, I was a member of Torchwood!

Shortly after the ticket inspector had come along, I noticed a metal creature approaching the train. It held the figure of a small dinosaur but once it reached the train doors, I could no longer see it. No commotion was created; it had arrived in peace.

I didn’t think anything more of it, until I felt something tugging at my legs. I hovered myself by using the table, resisting the creature’s strength as best as I could. Alerting my colleagues, action was quickly taken.

In charge of our group was a slightly round middle aged man (I imagine this is what Barrowman would look like if he abandoned the make-up and ate a couple of pies). Following his instructions, I sped along the train corridor, opening all of the doors to ensure passenger safety. It was then that we realised we had a bigger problem on our hands.

This had just become the battle of Nine V Ten. It turned out that the only reason the metal creature, now known as Ten, had come on board was to seek out its plastic enemy, Nine (think Autons V Cybermen!). As I made my way down the corridor with our unnamed leader following behind, Ten vanished out of sight. Instead, a long snake-like plastic arm slithered its way down behind us, chasing us and gaining speed.

Right at the very end of the corridor was a lift (yes, on a train…). Hammering on the button for the doors to open, we rushed inside and let the doors slam behind us. We were safe.

We were stuck in the lift for what felt like an eternity. Why weren’t we outside trying to do something about the creature invasion? Well, the answer to that is simply because we couldn’t! We’d somehow managed to get ourselves trapped inside the lift. We weren’t moving anywhere but the doors refused to open.

We had no idea what havoc was being created outside those doors – we couldn’t hear nor see anything. However, we had a new problem to deal with – our oxygen supply was quickly running low. Unable to leave the lift, it seemed as if our chances of survival were against us. Being Torchwood, we simply wanted to sort out the war that could have been unfolding mere metres away from us, but we were helpless. We couldn’t fight, and we couldn’t breathe…

I didn’t get a chance to see how this one unfolded, for I woke up in a state of panic and refused to go back to sleep. The dream was enthralling, action-packed and very exciting. However, once awake with the time to contemplate and replay the scenes, it seems so much more terrifying! This is also the second night in a row which I’ve dreamed about losing my life, both times with a TV-related, sci-fi twist. What does that mean?!

Amy x

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