Friday, 5 August 2011

Dreams of Mars, Marvel, Magic...Murder?

As you may already know, dreams mean a lot to me. I love dreaming and no matter how scary they can be, I treasure each second. However, last night I had a dream that has left me tempted to eat my words...

I'd ended up on Mars. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but there was a group of us led by the gorgeous Alex Kingston. (Doctor Who tends to spur sci-fi based dreams!) The others around me I didn't know, but in the dream realm it was apparent that I was aware of their names.

We were inside a standard apartment in a small block of flats - the entire surface of Mars it seems was just as populated as Earth is, and all with the human race. At least this was what I was to believe. This apartment was small (it actually remembered the flat I lived in this time last year!) with a small bedroom, a bathroom which I never entered, a living room and a kitchen.

A lot of the scenes took place in said kitchen, as we gazed out of the window. At times I felt like their wasn't a roof on this apartment, allowing us to see into the skies clearer. For up above there could be seen what resembled several Moons. Initially I thought we were on the Moon until I was informed that it was indeed Mars. Each of these 'Moons' turned out to be a different planet: Earth, Jupiter, Mercury and the rest, and one of them was in fact the Moon itself.

What made these planets stood out however was the fact that they were all a different neon colour. One was pink, another green, a different one blue and so on. This was quite peculiar to see, but very pretty. I'd taken my camera along with me and tried to take some video footage but they simply wouldn't show up for the camera, which was frustrating!

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a pipe from the building across the road to the one we were standing in. Out of this pipe shot bright coloured, thick gases, emitting them directly up to the sky. Not knowing what this was, I began to panic.

Upon asking our 'expedition leader', I was told not to worry. This was when I began questioning the fact that we were able to breathe on Mars. It turns out we had little oxygen packs strapped to us being fed directly into us - these were barely bigger than the mobile phones of today and would only last so long. Time was running out.

For the next hour or so I was frantic, asking if it was time to leave yet and trying to get everybody closer to the main door so we could leave as quickly as possible. However, it seemed that I was the only one with this attitude - it was as if everybody else was in a trance, without a care in the world.

Finally somebody agreed to accompany me down to the bus station at the bottom of the building which would then lead us to our transport back home. He seemed friendly enough, I knew nothing more about him than I did the rest of the group, but I wasn't going to go alone and since 'Kingston' wouldn't get ready to go, this was my only option to try and remain calm.

However, I quickly became aware of the fact that I didn't trust this person. They made me feel uneasy, a feeling which had been underlying the entire time I spent in the apartment building. I felt so alone, so scared. It was then that I suddenly realised that there was a pretty good chance that these were not of the human race. With no recollection of how I actually got myself to Mars, I began to panic. Who were these people? Why was I here? And more importantly, would I make it back to Earth...alive?

After that dream, I genuinely awoke terrified. I'd actually searched the house afterwards to make sure I was alone! It took me a good fifteen minutes to shake back to reality and calm down, not jumping at every little movement! As much as it's put great fear into me, I'd love to know what it means! Well, for one thing, I'll never be going to Mars...! It's deeper meaning however I cannot be too sure about...

Amy x

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