Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jedward's Loose Women interview...

Despite my huge admiration for Loose Women, I do miss the occasional episode (or ten!). Only today did I finally get a chance to watch Jedward's interview on the show from back in May of this year (clip can be viewed here).

There are so many memorable Loose Women interviews, but there's something about this one which stands out incredibly. I've always liked Jedward and find them rather fascinating, and their appearance on the ITV show has simply trowelled this on further.

Some may see the twins as rowdy and rude, but this is not the case! They simply have a healthy supply of energy and like to share their enthusiasm with others. Nowadays there are far too many people who fail to see any positivity in life and focus purely on the factors which drag our country down. Jedward should be available on prescriptions; they're a sure cure for depression!

The boys have a wonderful relationship with those around them, fulfilling their questions with hearty responses and energising the atmosphere. They're a delight to watch and I'll feel privileged if ever I am fortunate enough to be around them. They even end up breaking the Loose Women panel into song - how many people have you seen do that before?!

Although they've done many other interviews, this one on Loose Women is especially refreshing and exciting, the passion clearly spilling out of them. If you only watch just the one Jedward interview, I strongly recommend this one - it's cheerful, it's colourful and it'll certainly brighten up your day!

Amy x

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