Friday, 26 August 2011

Kai Jenkins, rap artist

There's a cliche thought that the kids of today's generation lack ambition; it's often said that they care about nothing more than crime, violence and 'dossing around'. However, if one takes a deeper look into societies, one will see that this stereotyping is not necessarily a fair evaluation.

One teenager certainly shines above these assumptions. Kai Jenkins certainly holds a passion, which is made clear across his YouTube channel, KaiJenkinsMusic.

The fourteen year old, the eldest child of British actress Danniella Westbrook, uploads his work to his personal account online, sharing his talents as a rap artist. Not only does he write his own lyrics to accompany his music, but you'll also find a selection of his own music videos, adding to the expression of creativity.

Jenkins shows a great level of originality and personalty. His dedication is clear, the high level determination and ambition glowing around his videos. With his great talent and ambitions, it'll be exciting to see how far he has climbed within the next decade! If ever you need proof that teenagers do in fact know how to work for what they want, KaiJenkinsMusic is all the evidence you'll need!

Amy x

You can visit Kai Jenkins' channel, KaiJenkinsMusic here.

You can see my personal favourite video of his here!

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