Sunday, 14 August 2011

'Swagger Jagger' - Cher Lloyd

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Never before have I seen a song that is good enough to reach the number one top stop in the UK charts receive so much hate...

Cher Lloyd caused an insane amount of controversy during her time on the X Factor last year, dividing the nation into 'haters' and 'supporters'. Some, like myself, were undecided about how they felt towards the young singer, however the release of her debut single, Swagger Jagger has left me feeling very positive about her.

Swagger Jagger delivers a message which has clearly been taken direct from Cher's experience, as she encourages her haters to move on and stop bothering her with negativity. She certainly receives more than her fair share of bad-mouth comments, and I'd be interested to find out just how many of those are jealousy-fuelled.

Despite all of this, Swagger Jagger has done exceptionally well as a debut single. The music video is full of fun and colour (and a Cheryl Cole clone - see image below), blending perfectly with the high energy beat of the song.

Lyrically, it's quite interesting. "You can't stop looking at me...tweetin' about me" - I've never before heard of an artist singing about Twitter, a concept which adds to the youth of Cher. "You're a hater, just let it go" is a simple but powerful message as she instructs the haters who are quick to share their poison views through the internet (but how many would actually say things to Cher's face?!). The only line I dislike is "Hi hater, kiss kiss I'll see you later...", as I feel it has an air of immaturity to it. The rest however I find to be quite clever and, indeed, catchy.

It took me a while to like it, but time paid off as I've now fallen in love with Swagger Jagger. It's definitely shown Cher's capabilities and is a song I don't think I'll tire of any time soon!

Amy x

At first glance it would appear that Cher had morphed into Cheryl Cole...

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