Monday, 22 August 2011

'Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum' Series 3, episode 2

WARNING: may contain spoilers.

With Sophie now away from the show, one would except harmony to be infiltrating throughout the house. However, not all was quite as straight forward...

The work placement task for the second week, I found to be quite impressive. The eight Young Dumbers were required to work in a fish market, packing and selling fish. Now I'll hold my hand up and admit that this is something which would make me gag. I don't fancy sticking my fingers into slimy fish eyes, not in the slightest. Nonetheless, it seemed that the majority of the Young Dumbers actually did quite well! Jade especially showed efficiency when studying the fish, and Gracie managed to forget about the squirmy side of the dead animals and got on with the job as instructed. When it came to finding the locations for delivering fish, this task too was completed much more smoothly it seemed than previous series' tasks (remember when they had to deliver flowers the series previous and it took one group forever?!).

The job challenge may have went well, but it was the atmosphere in the house which wasn't too rosy. The group ended up being divided: Enzo, Ruby-Jo, Jade, Gracie and Ryan all willing to work on a rota and do their bit, with Tom and Jack not showing so much as a caring thought. Where will this leave the house next week?

The elimination left me rather annoyed. I've four favourites, and one of those four were asked to leave. I'll be honest, they did seem the most head strong and the one most likely to cope in the 'real world' if they left now, however I still loved having them in the series!

Two episodes down and I'm still very much buzzing with excitement from this third series. I can't wait until next week's episode, but until then...

Amy x

This is my favourite screen snap from the episode - Ryan swinging a pig cushion!

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