Monday, 29 August 2011

'Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum' Series 3, episode 3

*may contain spoilers*

Three episodes in, and my excitement for BBC3's Young, Dumb and Living off Mum is just as great as it was when the first series began back in 2009.

In true Young Dumber style, the show kicked off this week by highlighting the latest feud (clearly the revelation that Sophie's departure some two weeks ago was going to bring harmony to the house was very short lived!). Tom and Jack have developed somewhat of a Bromance, but for a while this just caused a lot of tension in the house, resulting in a rather messy food fight. In hindsight, I hope the food-throwing culprits realise that this was quite an immature measure to turn to! I detest food fights. Yuck.

The task of the week dominated most of the air time throughout the hour-long episode however. The six were to set up a pop-up restaurant in the house for, initially, twenty five guests (see image below). However, it turned out that thirty guests had arrived and the Young Dumbers were blamed for not having enough seats or plates. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if one was told twenty five guests, and thirty would turn up, one has the right to scream?

When you've never cooked before, delivering a three-course meal is never going to be an easy task. When you add the extra pressure, it's going to be quite intense! I actually feel that they all did really well! The Young Dumbers were divided into two groups; the kitchen staff: Tom, Ruby-Jo and Jade, and the front-of-house team: Jack, Ryan and Gracie. With a few hiccups along the way, the food seemed to be prepared rather efficiently by the amateurs, with the meals delivered with respect and care to the 'guests'.

Okay so perhaps things didn't go perfectly but it was clear to see that they put in 100% effort, if not more, so I do feel that Gareth was complaining a little too much. Sure, they lost him £150 as many of the guests were too rude to see that this was the Young Dumbers' first try at cooking and abandoned their seats entirely. However, I believe they did try as much as they could and one should never be punished for doing as well as they possibly could.

I have to say, the outcome of the elimination was a relief. I've nothing against the person who went out per say, however, I simply prefer the five remaining Young Dumbers! With another satisfying episode over with, it's onwards to next week...!

Amy x

^ Proof that they were told 25 guests initially, for which they had prepared themselves to cater for!

Two screen snaps I loved- a random fox, and Ryan petting a cute dog!

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