Sunday, 4 September 2011

Build-a-Bear: Calendar Girls bear!

Having worked at Build-a-Bear Workshop for nearly two months now, I decided that it was about time that I built a bear myself! It's so challenging to resist the temptation of buying all of the bears (I have my eyes on Fudge puppy, ginger kitty and Autumn bear just now!), but the bear I helped fluff up yesterday is not for myself!

You know when you get an idea, a very spur of the moment thought, and you simply know that you shall not rest until you carry that idea through? Well this was one of those moments. I'd decided to buy Lynda Bellingham a 'Calendar Girls' bear. Familiar with the shop's stock, I straight away knew which items I needed to piece the bear together!

So we start with a Coconut Cup - one of the store's cheapest two bears (£9). It's a gorgeous soft cream colour, very basic but worked wonders for this purpose since the show's main colour scheme is white and yellow. After stuffing the new bear up, I added a purple heart (£1) inside of her, and this donates money to the National Literacy Trust. I like to be charitable!

Moving on, I collated all of the clothes I needed. This was nothing more than a basic white robe/dressing gown (£8), matching perfectly with the promotional photos for the production. I also picked up a small bouquet of flowers (£2.50) for Chris to hold (Chris being the name of Lynda's character in the production). I chose the bouquet with the yellow flower on it since the symbol for the play is the sunflower, however there was also a daisy, a tulip and another purple flower on there too! It looked very pretty!

Then came the birth certificate! A very fun process I find, inputting the bear's special details. Then I bought her! Money exchanging hands, she was mine (but only for a short while as she goes to her new owner on the 14th September!). The finished product has been tied together with a lovely piece of yellow ribbon, with yellow and white ties holding the birth certificate in place.

Lynda may think I'm mental (that's if she already doesn't!) but Chris Bear is absolutely adorable and at the very least, I had great fun making her!

Amy x

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