Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum' Series 3, episode 4

With the number of Young Dumbers in the house slowly decreasing, things are beginning to get tense...

It seemed that this week's episode focused around two things in particular: the set work challenge, and Gracie's little accident!

Let's face it, if you were to lose money, you'd be upset wouldn't you? However, when you've come from a life of being handed every penny you could possibly ask for, to misplacing your entire small supply of money for the week and leaving you with nothing, you're going to fret a little! I can understand entirely why Gracie was upset with this. I panic insanely where money is concerned and am constantly checking my purse in case I've dropped anything. I was thrilled to see the others pitch in to at least buy her something to eat; they should feel proud.

The work challenge for this week is one which would personally excite me to levels indescribable! Sure, I'd rather have volunteered in a cat shelter, but working in with the dogs would have been immense fun. Ryan seemed especially excited for the challenge to commence and this enthusiasm remained with him throughout as he bonded with his allocated pooch.

Jack and Tom actually did quite well, a lot more so than I feel the chief volunteers gave them credit for. I mean, who would want to spend the entire experience cleaning dog shit?! It was nice to see Gracie cheer up a little thanks to 'man's best friend'.

Oh, and I cannot finish this without mentioning the fact that Ryan and Ruby-Jo decided to spend an afternoon pretending to be homeless, all the while Ryan wearing a pair of Spongebob Squarepants socks (clean looking socks, I should add!). It amused my simple mind incredibly.

The conclusion of the episode I wasn't pleased with. Saying that, I didn't really want anybody to leave so I wasn't going to be happy regardless of who was voted out. With only just a few episodes left, I'm starting to feel a little saddened by the fact that it's drawing to an end. I've made a firm decision that I'd like Ryan to win, but whether or not this will be the outcome we shall have to wait and see! Until next time...

Amy x

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