Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire Epiphany!

I'm a very religious person. I'm not christened, but I'd consider myself to be Christian. However, I've also dabbled in Wicca, and only stopped practicing when the fear of going against the Lord's commands entered me.

Now this may all seem trivial, you may wonder why I am telling you this, but I actually had a small epiphany today! I've always been afraid of fire, once to the extent of pyrophobia, but I had no real reason for this. I'm fortunate enough to have never been involved in any fire-related incidents. Regardless, the somewhat irrational behaviour was always there.

Whilst gazing into the Bonfire this evening at a fireworks display, the glimmer of the moon, my power source, caught my attention from just above it. It was then, at that precise moment, that it hit me. I've witch blood running through me! None of my immediate family are Wiccan, nor were any of my traceable ancestors. However, I strongly believe that my deceased relatives from the 1600s were once witches.

This is the only logical explanation for my desires to go against Christianity and dabble in white magic. This also gives me a good cause, given the burning of said witches, for my hatred towards fire. I mourn for the death of those witches. Just because one is different does not mean they should be cast aside. They're my family, they didn't deserve hatred.

My beliefs will always lie within the Bible, with its allegories and morals, but in my heart there'll always be that sense of belonging in the world of Wicca. I cannot prove that any of this is the case, but I know it to be so.

Amy x

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