Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Derek Acorah's True Vision tour, Sunderland Empire, Sunderland UK

When one has waited an incredibly long time for something, they can often fear that it won't be as good as they'd perhaps hoped. This was certainly my concern as I clutched my front row ticket to see psychic medium Derek Acorah on his True Vision tour at the Sunderland Empire last night. Thankfully, I needn't have worried.

Having fallen in love with his work some seven years ago, at the age of twelve, I knew straight away that it was impossible for me to let his stop in Sunderland bypass me. The excitement had, of course, built up inside of me at a steady rate over the months that followed the booking of my ticket, however I hadn't prepared myself for the intense sensation of utter contentment that followed the moments after he first walked onto the stage. Bloody hell, I'm sat in front of Derek Acorah!, I thought. I couldn't have been more ecstatic.

The tour itself allowed Derek to interact with the audience, seeing Sam help him deliver messages from the spirits of audience members' loved ones who had come along to the demonstration. Never did you feel like Derek was lifting the thoughts from his own head; he was so descriptive with his words that you could quite easily visualise the spirits around him. One particular being in the atmosphere who stayed in my mind was a woman called Rose, who, I believe, had passed away at the age of 78. A heavy smoker and a little snooty, I actually felt like I'd known this lady myself in her physical body. Of course, this couldn't possibly so, but Derek never leaves the audience out when sharing information with specific audience members; we're all sucked into the emotional journey.

One could quite easily expect such an evening to be gloomy and depressing. On the contrary, Derek was full of life and hilarity. It's clear to see from his high energy that he's very excited to be on the stage, always embracing his gift and doing so very passionately too. Of course, I've never doubted Derek's abilities as a medium, however, if a skeptic were to see the show, they'd certainly be put in their place! Derek kept churning out information that was received to be correct; the believer does not need proof, but if they wanted such like, then Derek could certainly offer something of the sort.

I was fortunate enough to meet the delightful Derek after the show; I was the last in the queue and had a small wait, but it was certainly worth it, and so much more personal since it was only my friend and I left in the building (security and crew aside!). My five-minute conversation left me with much more information than I'd ever intended receiving from Mr Acorah. He said a few things that shocked me, delightfully, and a few that won't ever leave me. Over the foundations of his passion, he's layered knowledge, to create a combination that is nothing less than perfection. He's such a wonderful person, with an equally gorgeous soul. Whether you're already a supporter of Derek Acorah's work, or are just keen to see how a demonstration works, his True Vision tour is one not to be missed.

Amy x

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