Monday, 19 December 2011

What the Dickens?!

I won! I actually won!

As much as I love playing with words, I cannot write fiction. I lack the ability to develop my ideas, and cannot create characters that are well rounded. Regardless, I decided to enter the Waterstone's competition, for which one had to create a Dickensian character:

Mr Chuff. Chuff is an elderly gentleman with no first name. He appears to spend all of his days sitting in his ancient red armchair, a dusty old bookcase, overflowing with volumes, positioned by his side. Through the top of his glasses, he peers at those who enter his home, something which is a rarity. With few visitors, Mr Chuff seems to be an outsider. Yet, it's apparent that he has more wisdom than that which exists in the entire Universe. What is this man's past? Where did he come from? And perhaps more importantly, why does he only wear one slipper? x

I found out a mere few hours ago that I am the proud winner or a gorgeous collection of Dickens books, courtesy of Duckworth Publishers. Having only read my first Dickens story, A Christmas Carol, two days ago, I'm more than keen to plough through his collection. It's fate, without a doubt!

I can't wait for them to arrive; they look gorgeous.

Amy x

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