Thursday, 19 April 2012

Born for Byron, Living for the Lord.

I wouldn't ever say I didn't appreciate being from Aberdeen; the city has a lot to offer, and contributes quite widely in many aspects. However, it wasn't something I embraced. Six months ago however, I was introduced to the work of the beautiful Lord Byron, and fell head over heels in love with him. It just so happens that Byron was brought up in Aberdeen*, and last week I spent my first week back up in Aberdeen after having birthed my undying love for Byron. And what a Byron-filled week it was!

Despite the fact that the lashing rain was soaking me through, I made a successful trip to the Grammar School grounds, where I became acquainted with the Byron statue. I'll be honest, I didn't think the thing was going to be so tall. I know I'm short, but that's just ridiculous! However, I still managed to blow some kisses and send them up his way. If you ever get a chance to go and visit the statue (which I have recently discovered to be the image of an Angus Calder book), do take up the opportunity. It's gorgeous.

It's fantastic when Byron is mentioned on television; I want to hug the damn thing just to thank it for adding warmth into my heart. On the second day of my visit, Katherine Higgings was selling a photo of Byron on Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (for £30, FYI), and then upon turning over the channel three minutes later to The Chase, he pops up straight away again as an answer to a question. Only on my 'Byron trip' to Aberdeen would that happen!

To make the trip all the more perfect, my father lives not too far from the area of 'Byron', which I found to contain Byron's name no matter which way I turned. Byron street signs, Byron shops, Byron pub... my excitement could not be contained. To say I was in Heaven would be an understatement.

I don't like having muddy shoes. However, after trekking across filth and puddle, I ran (somewhat Julie Andrews style) down the hill to the ruins that is Gight Castle. Catherine Gordon had to sell the castle to pay off her husband's debts, but the new owner ended up abandoning the castle (granted, he was killed in a horse-related accident; I cannot exactly blame him) let the building fall apart. It's such a beautiful ruin though, and I do hope to visit it again someday. Be careful if you go down though - it's a) impossible to find, and b) definitely away to crumble at any given moment...

Lord Byron, you have made that week perfect. I could not have asked for things to run more fantastically; even the weather was atmospheric at the right moments. 188 years ago today, Byron, your spirit slipped back into the higher world, but on earth you'll never be forgotten. All my love.

Amy x




*Note: he was not born there! This mistake is often made.