Monday, 29 October 2012

Recollections of a Guided Fantasy

(The following content is the result of participation in a Guided Fantasy. Please see here for more information.)

Beneath the warmth of the evening sun, they are twirling, dancing. The gentleman with the racquet sets his eyes upon the fair lady in the white shawl. Merriment echoes across the velvet grass as they huddle on the picnic blanket, passing around dainty offerings. The air is light with the sound of laughter.

They're gone. The sun has left. The laughter has been replaced with a bitter wind. You're all alone.

The silver glow of the moonlight you once loved no longer soothes, but rather pierces through you, an icy dagger in the heart. The mound of damp soil beneath you is the only comfort you're allowed. You arch yourself forward; the wall behind you is smothered with cobwebs, dust, remnants of life.

You shiver as you feel something brush against your foot. A sigh of relief; it was just a rat. The darkness slowly closes in, enveloping you in the chill of reality. Your surroundings, you cannot see. You've no notions, no remembrance. Staring into the unknown.

There's no escape. The screaming, always screaming. The torment, the torture, the turmoil. The chains, they're getting nearer. You can feel it. Growing louder. Louder. You try to run away, escape them, but they follow. Always. A part of you.

Your mouth fills with the metallic taste of time. Footsteps. He's approaching. Rock back, rock forth. Rooted. You're going nowhere.

You retch as he forces forgotten memories; heaving as you try to repress. You can feel the strength of his grasp on your nape. You don't struggle. You will never win this fight. You just weep, drained. Bled dry of existence.

He steps away, tells you you don't deserve release. As he vanishes, a shrill cry slices through the air, slitting through your last ounce of hope. You must wait. Abandoned once more, you whisper your only wish:

Take  me away, please take me away.