Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Some Photographs in Celebration of a Poet's 226th Birthday

What better way to celebrate Byron's 226th birthday than reminiscing over a recent research trip?

Last weekend was spent down in Nottinghamshire exploring the haunts of Byron and Mary Ann Chaworth*. To celebrate his Lordship's birthday I thought I'd share a small selection of photographs taken over the last few days.

You may also be interested in the post about Colwick Hall I've just written for the Byron blog I write for you. You can find it here.

Among other places, I frequented this weekend at Newstead Abbey, All Saints' Church (Annesley), St James's Street, and, of course, Colwick Hall. I shall be counting the days until I can arrange another return...

Mary's monument at Annesley All Saints'
Colwick Hall
Colwick Hall
The roof of the Byron Brasserie at Colwick Hall - isn't it beautiful?!

Colwick Hall
Colwick Hall

Colwick Hall
At Newstead Abbey I finally saw a colour version of the photograph suggested to be Catherine Gordon...
Beloved Mary at Newstead Abbey
Byron's tree carving, Newstead Abbey
Mary's parasol, Newstead Abbey
76 St James's Street, home to Byron 1798-99

76 St James's Street
 Amy x

(Note: It is only reluctantly that I will ever refer to Mary as Mary Chaworth-Musters, or, may it never be required, Mary Musters!)

Byron's Dream by Ford Madox Brown