Saturday, 8 March 2014

Newcastle's first Film and Comic Con!

I'm not going to lie. Standing in line for four and a half hours wasn't the most practical - or even the most comfortable - of situations. I knew entry to Newcastle's first Film and Comic Con at the Metro Radio Arena wasn't going to be instant with an 11:30am arrival, but I certainly didn't expect to have to huddle in a crawling queue until 4pm! Nevertheless, I can honestly say that it was thoroughly worth the wait.

Though I wasn't particularly concerned about meeting anybody in particular at this convention, the atmosphere itself is wonderful. So many like-minded fans all together to experience fandoms brought to life.

(Plus, there were lots of stalls. I bought three - three! - Bonham Carter-Burton postcards!)

My highlights are undoubtedly seeing two Doctors: Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. We arrived too late into the venue to have any chance of sitting down for their talks, but being in the same general area as them was truly wonderful

And then there's the added bonus of seeing Ian Whyte - Harry Potter's Madame Maxime for full-body shots!

It's not the most comfortable of events thanks to the excessive queueing - a larger venue is definitely in order if it's continued next year to allow for an extended capacity - but in all it was definitely worth the wait. I now have a hunger for the larger conventions. Where will I end up next? London? Cardiff? San Diego? 

Only time will tell!

Amy x