Monday, 7 July 2014

My 'Share a Coke' Experience!

A friend sent me a photo of a Diet Coke bottle they'd found with Byron written on the name label. I searched everywhere for one. I gave up, disappointed.

All was not lost though. It turns out Coca Cola now do an online option so you can order your choice of name/s from hundreds of thousands of options. You can access this part of their site by clicking here.

I knew I was desperate to buy a Byron Coke - it's the little pleasures, isn't it? - but I was wary of ordering a glass bottle online. They only offer the glass ones personalised, and it turns out they only offer it in normal Coke. Shame really, as I only drink Diet or Zero!

Not that that stopped me. My partner and I placed our order. As they're £1.99 each, two bottles cost us £7 in total with postage. If you order five or more though postage is free. How kind!

Two days later I signed for this parcel at my door:

Pretty cute, isn't it? It's smaller than I expected, but the bottles are packaged very snug and secure, as I was relieved to find, just like you see here:

The labels on the bottles are stickers so it shouldn't be too difficult to peel it off for keeping once the drink is finished. After all, if we're all going to this effort to buy a drink on the internet, we're going to want to keep the labels!

This is definitely a one-off novelty service and it's unlikely that I'll ever order from them again. However, there is no reason for this other than the fact that, as a rule, I'm perfectly happy with the Diet Coke I can buy in stores. I've no complains about this Share a Coke option, and definitely recommend it if you're interested in buying a Share a Name bottle!

Amy x

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