Sunday, 27 March 2016

My First Visit to Dublin - Easter 2016

Having vlogged my recent - and first - visit to Dublin for the hundred-year anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising, I thought I'd drop a few photos here that I took along the way. I think I nearly killed my camera, having kept it in my hand throughout the entire day (and what a long day it was!), but I've narrowed down a few favourites to share with you!

Trinity College Dublin

The very pretty Molly Malone! 

Bullet holes visible on the pillars of the GPO 

A rather dapper looking James Joyce! 

Standing near the front of the march through Dublin's streets 

A rather awkward-looking selfie... but I'm outside the Abbey Theatre! Yes, the very place where Maud Gonne first brought Cathleen nĂ­ Houlihan to life! 


And finally, another awkward selfie. But look at how pretty my souvenir t-shirt is! 

Dublin was beautiful; I'll definitely be back!*

Amy x

*And my first stop will be Glasnevin Cemetery to pay Maud Gonne a visit!

You can find my Dublin vlogs on my channel here.

Hunting for Literary Blue Plaques in London!

Something I'm fascinated by is the concept of the blue plaque - and this may only have a weeny bit to do with the fact that my hero Lord Byron has the very first blue plaque (Holles Street, on a John Lewis building!). London is covered in them, and despite the fact they depressingly add to the price of properties, I get rather excited when I see any. Here's a selection of some I've dug up recently.

Okay, so our first one isn't actually literary, but it is for a wonderful woman: Dame Millicent Fawcett. This can be found at 2 Gower Street, WC1E, where she lived and died.

 Can you read that? Mary Shelley's plaque at 24 Chester Square, SW1, is considerably higher up the building that I would have liked it to be, but it's just about legible! She lived here from 1846 to 1851.

Just around the corner at 2 Chester Square is Matthew Arnold. 

Having recently found a passion for Vita Sackville-West, this one was quite a treat. She live with her husband at 182 Ebury Street, Belgravia, SW1. And yes, it's a brown plaque!

This last one is undoubtedly my favourite - not least of all because I hadn't expected to find two plaques there! Both George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf lived at 29 Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia, W1T, albeit almost two decades apart.

Here's a closer look at Virginia Woolf's:

Have you seen any blue plaques recently? Although they're situated all over the country, I find that London is a particular hotspot for them - which goes without saying given the wonderful names that have resided there over the centuries! - and it's always a treat to go a-plaque hunting! It's such a wonderful way to pass an afternoon.

Amy x


After being asked to do some trailer reaction videos, I thought the release of the upcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) film would be a perfect place to start. As a huge fan (worshipper, admirer, etc) of both HBC and Tim Burton alike, it was quite a struggle to refrain from watching any of the clips...

But I managed...

And here's the result...

That was a lot of fun; thanks to everybody who recommended I give it a go! Look out for my next one, which I'm currently editing... Can you guess what it is?

Amy x